GCSE Qualifications

Now recruiting for October 2024! 

Our GCSE qualifications programme at The Garage is a great place for anyone 13+ years old (adult learners are welcome) to begin their dance and drama training. The courses offer superb opportunities to learn more about the skills and discipline required to become a performer. This does include analysing professional works as well as developing practical skills. Delivering the courses outside of school/college hours allows pupils to gain an extra GCSE which helps our students stand out more when applying for further education pathways.

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Pics courtesy of The Paper Birds Feel Me (c) Will Green Photography. The theatre company are recognised as UK leaders in devised theatre and are a recommended practitioner on the AQA Drama exam A Level syllabus. Their artistic programme and creative learning programme are nurtured equally and they tour shows and provide workshops for young people nationally and internationally. Find out more at www.thepaperbirds.com