Want to know more about us? The Garage Trust (Registered Charity No. 1098975) is a hub for performing arts, a creative playground – from first steps to professionals. We work with local and national partners to provide high quality performing arts programming, participation, education and training for all ages. It is a place for everyone but we’re particularly about helping young people from all backgrounds.

The Garage operates year round, in theatre, dance, music and fitness. Our programme of activity includes:

The charity has a strong emphasis on engaging with those who face challenging circumstances. We work particularly with young people and their families and use the arts to change their lives.

We operate two sites, The Garage in Norwich and The Workshop in King’s Lynn (more about that venue here). Alongside our charity and intervention work we run weekly regular performing arts classes, GCSE and HNC qualifications as well as programming live performances for young audiences in our theatres.



The performance programme, supported by Arts Council England and our Local Authority funders, aims to engage teenagers and young adults in theatre. Although people of all ages enjoy our presentations. We present work which is ‘small in scale and big in creative ambition’, often described as ‘Fringe style’. It includes dance, spoken word and music and is often by new and emerging artists, writers or companies. Alongside our professional presentations, we showcase local companies, youth and student groups each season, and present family shows in school holidays and at weekends.

The Garage offers unparalleled opportunities for local, regional and national professional artists and companies, due to the quality of our facilities and expertise of staff and partners. We help artists to secure investment, develop and tour new shows and have excellent facilities for rehearsal and performance. Our experienced management team and our partners offer high level support with production, fundraising or marketing and we have a large groundswell of participants, audiences and young artists with which to collaborate or test new work.

We actively co-commission and produce in-house, new work engaging with children, young people and families with producing partners across the UK. Artists tell us our approach to connecting activities provides an appealing opportunity for them to create new work through collaborations with audiences, artists and participants.

Our ambition is that through the creation of high quality creative work, we will be able to reflect and tell the stories of those we work with. For example, we have found that work for and with young people is often biased towards more urban experiences whereas our participants, and many more like them, grow up and live in predominantly rural environments. We want to give voice to their untold stories, perspectives and viewpoints and share that work, both here and across our touring partnerships. 

“The Garage is a leading venue programming work for, by and with children and young people…proof that if a venue has a thorough programming strategy then audiences can be attracted, developed and sustained. Your initiatives, for example tweetseats, have been an inspiration to your peers” Mark Makin, Programme Manager, House

Privacy & Data Protection Policy 

The Garage is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and families by protecting them from significant abuse, harm and radicalisation.

Children, young people and families accessing The Garage’s services should be aware that if there is a child protection issue where they (or others) are likely to be at risk of significant harm, employees are under a legal duty to follow safeguarding procedures and cannot offer confidentiality.

The Garage believes that information sharing is essential to enable early intervention. Such interventions help children, young people and families who need additional services to achieve positive outcomes and reduce inequality.

Information sharing is also vital to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and families through the accurate recording, sharing and understanding of information and taking appropriate action in relation to known or suspected abuse.

All The Garage’s staff who provide a service to children, young people and their families have a duty to record information about meetings, telephone calls, interviews and correspondence received.

The Garage will keep this information securely and confidentially.