As the year draws to a close, our inclusion lead Adam Yaxley and his team have taken the time to reflect. What a year it has been for The Garage. Hundreds of young people have been supported through our Foundation courses.

The successful outcomes are a credit to the tutors and support team who work so hard to meet the needs of young people referred to The Garage. The working relationships created with referral partners is key to their success.

They have received lots of feedback over the year and these quotes inspire and motivate them to ensure young people continue to enjoy performing at The Garage for years to come. Here’s a selection of Adam and the inclusion team’s favourites.

Referral Partners

“I have spoken to the staff in school who work with J. They report a huge change in his social skills in particular and his ability to show kindness towards other children and (he) has changed beyond recognition. They also reported that J is much calmer. All this ties in exactly with the timescale of J’s attendance at The Garage.”

“You are an amazing team! You have supported H and helped build his confidence but are also happy to chat to and help me on bad days. Having a goal to aim for at the end of the course has really helped him have a focus. He is currently starting to withdraw from a lot of his after-school activities and interests, but The Garage is not one he is trying to withdraw from. Thank you.”

“Since starting it has helped her cope with things much better. The handling here has been excellent, she is looking forward to the next step.”


“B was at a very low ebb when I referred her to The Garage. Being the much quieter of twin sisters, B felt overshadowed and her confidence and self-esteem levels were very low. Having the opportunity to have something for herself – and some one-to-one time with her gran, who is her main carer but has lots of demands on her time – has been fantastic for B and helped her confidence levels no end.”

“H has spoken really positively about Music Foundations at The Garage and there has been a noticeable difference at school, particularly in terms of his self-esteem and overall happiness. H seems much happier to talk about things that have gone a bit wrong, which is helping him with teamwork and social skills. I feel that this has been such a worthwhile and significant experience for H. Thank you!”

“I’m just so pleased with the progress he’s done so far on this course he has been doing and hoping he will carry on with it.”

“This has been an amazing opportunity for B. It has pushed him out of his comfort zone and (he has) embraced activities that he has previously been reluctant to try. Over the last few weeks there has been a noticeable improvement in his behaviour. He has also developed a very positive relationship with his tutor. Thank you so much!”

“This has been a fantastic opportunity for T and I know he has thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He has clearly benefited in his confidence, social skills and most obviously team-work. Special thank you to the tutor, who is superb and immediately puts the young people at ease and shows an interest in their development and enjoyment.”

Lastly – and most importantly – here are some quotes from young people themselves

“Interacting with others was fun and something I needed to work on. Playing games, sharing and expressing my love for acting in a comfortable space; it makes me laugh at times and keeping active is great as well. I love how the different activities focus on different skills to use while acting.”

“I feel more confident expressing myself than I did at the start. I like the environment here and have always felt welcome. The skills I have learnt have helped me in drama class at school. I’m more spontaneous with putting forward ideas.”

“I am very happy and proud of my progress and how the tutors have made me smile and feel joyful and happy along the way.”

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