The first reviews are in for My First Panto: Rapunzel, our latest interactive family show for sevens and under.

High in her tower, Rapunzel sits by the hour, waiting for the day she can explore the world below. Is she just being kept safe by her overbearing mother Dame Gothel or is she a prisoner? A chance encounter with a Prince turns her world upside down. 

Co-produced with All-In Productions, it’s been written and directed by Daniel Burgess with music and songs by Lloyd Gorman. The show stars Stewart McCheyne of as seen on CBBC children’s band Andy and The OddsocksAbigail Middleton and Emily Panes. Full of singing, dancing and playing, it runs until 12 January.

“Fairytale fabulous and a magical treat for tinies, Rapunzel was my first My First Panto. Fun, funny, engaging, immersive, telling a story in such way that those watching are part of it; and full of joy it’s wonderfully entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny for grown-ups. My three-year-old granddaughter adored it” – Rowan Mantell, EDP / Norwich Evening News 

“The actors are great… and keep the attention of even the tiniest of audience members… the quality of the performances is as good as many on the big stage. If you have small children make this part of your Christmas routine. If you don’t, then just borrow some” – Julian Swainson, Norwich Eye

All-In Productions are a stunning company who advance wonderful, immersive theatre experiences for children that rival any I have seen in London… they really listen to their audiences… they are prepared to be wrong and in that they get everything right. This season’s panto is perfect” – Ruth Davies, Rock n Roller Baby

“Nervous about taking your little one – don’t be. All-In Productions and The Garage have it sussed… the show is pacy… the story is easy for children to follow… the children are allowed to be children in all their interrupting and excitable glory… the Mini Mumblers are five, nearly three and five-months-old and even the teeniest one’s face lit up when the Prince played his guitar to him, which goes to show even at that young age, he still got something out of it” – Katrin, Norwich Mumbler 

“As soon as there was an opportunity for audience participation Erin, who’s nearly four, was up. This is the kind of show where children are encouraged to take part but if they don’t want to then that’s absolutely fine too. She was particularly taken with Emily Panes who plays the witch. Erin enjoyed My First Panto: Rapunzel so much she asked when we can go back to see something else” – Lyndsey, Me, Him, The Dog and a Baby.

“The panto catered wonderfully for a broad range of ages… The story itself was a strong retelling, which nicely sidestepped cliches and stereotypes… I’d thoroughly recommend this as a friendly, interactive and relaxed introduction to theatre for children. As a side-note, if you get a chance to pop into the cafe afterwards. It’s my favourite child-friendly cafe in the city” – AbbieIn Norfolk.

Click the links for the full reviews. Check out our Facebook photo album to see how much fun everyone’s having.

We’ve had our first review for My First Panto: Little Red Riding Hood too at The Workshop in King’s Lynn’s Vancouver Quarter.

(The My First shows) have changed the face of performance for children in our county… My big two think they’re too big for such performances yet they came away saying they loved it and would go again… You’d be hard pushed not to enjoy it… I hope King’s Lynn know how lucky they are to have such a venue” – Ruth DaviesRock n Roller Baby

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