Rising star Carina Harris has been murdered during an unscheduled rehearsal for an upcoming play. Now it’s up to the director to turn detective to find our which of his cast is dramatic enough to be a killer.

Whodunit The Empty Stage was presented by Purple Dreams Productions, who return with comedy The Last Crumb on 7 March.

The Garage Youth Forum‘s Tyler Pursehouse shares what he thought about The Empty Stage. Beware, spoilers.

I liked the use of colour in the actors’ clothing, whether this was intentional or not, with the way everything that Carina wore was red. It emphasised her control of the scenes she was in and the power she held. As well as the fact she would die as red often symbolises blood. I liked her jacket as it had a homage to the film Heathers. Heather Chandler was another self-centred person who also died at the hands of someone wearing black and blue.

Sadie’s outfit had a small amount of red, showing she had little power over what was going on and the emphasis of blue showing the contrast between her and Carina.

Patrick’s outfit had an underlying tone of black, overlaid with a colourful jacket showing the multiple people he was sleeping with. The black in the outfit represented his evil and malicious side when he framed Sadie for Carina’s death and again when he crept up behind Sadie at the end of the show, slitting her throat.

I liked the use at the beginning where they mentioned which different lights they would be using while performing and the similarities between the play they were performing and the play they were doing within the performance itself.

At one point two different versions are shown of something that happened earlier that night. I liked that idea of doing multiple opinions of what happened, however I would have preferred the same theme carried on that night.

Overall, I thought that it was a great play very captivating and a joy to watch. I would recommend it to others.

Book your tickets for Purple Dreams Productions’ The Last Crumb, here 7 March.

Set in and around a cake shop, everyone must decide what their heart truly wants – lemon meringue or chocolate fudge. A case of mistaken identity turns lives upside down. Hearts will flutter, tears will roll and relationships will be tested – and not everyone will make it to the other side. There’s a free sweet treat for the audience during the interval.

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