What Do I Need For My Class?

We have put together this short guide outlining what belongings you may need ready to participate in the range of classes we offer. From clothing to equipment we hope this guide can assist you in feeling ready to get started on our class programme.

Across our timetable we ask that you wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in. No jeans, nothing too baggy to cause a trip hazard and minimal jewellery so to not cause injury. Do have an extra layer to add or remove to keep cool or warm up according to how active your class is.

We recommend you have water to hand, in some cases a water break will be encouraged but feel free to sip as and when needed throughout.

Whether attending a childrens or adult Ballet class we recommend fitted clothing so that your tutor can give more accurate feedback on positioning, posture and alignment. This can be leotard and tights or leggings and top. Ballet shoes are not essential but advised. If you choose to not wear ballet shoes you will need to be bare feet.

Please can children’s hair be tied up.

Most sports wear you will find suitable for our Street Dance and Breakdance classes. Tracksuits, jogging bottoms, leggings with a top are all great. Your clothing needs to allow you to move quickly. A comfy pair of trainers are essential.

Your clothing needs to allow you to have freedom for movement in¬†Contemporary, fitted clothing means you can receive more detailed tutor feedback on your technique. Leggings or jogging bottoms with a top are ideal and you’ll be bare foot.

Suitable footwear at the start of term includes trainers, ballet shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes. The tutor will give guidance in class as term progresses on which may be best suited to you or answer questions around purchasing Irish dancing shoes should you wish too. 

We have a range of instruments for our Music classes, depending on your level you may be bringing your own instrument to class.

Whether your weekly focus is singing, dancing, character building or your combining all areas of Musical Theatre we recommend being dressed ready for physical movement. Leggings, jogging bottoms and a top plus comfy trainers or a jazz shoe would work well.

With our¬†My First¬†classes the parent/carer joins in just as much as the toddlers so please bring lots of imagination! And you’ll both want to be dressed casually and comfortably to get moving.

Pilates classes will require a mat plus block or a towel with comfortable clothing which allows for a full range of movement.

Tap shoes play an important role in a Tap class. Of course your feet do all the hard work but to get the full experience you also want to hear the sounds and rhythm created. If you choose to not wear tap shoes this is fine, you can see how you get on with a comfortable pair of trainers.

For both Theatre and adult Singing you may wish to have pen and paper to hand to make notes. You will be provided handouts when working in person so having a small folder might come in handy also.

We really hope this has helped you to prepare for your class. If we have advised any clothing, foot wear or equipment which you don’t currently own then remember we offer trial classes so you can try the class before committing and deciding if you wish to invest in these items.

Should you have any questions at all about one of our classes please do not hesitate to contact us on info@thegarage.org.uk. 

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