Foundations Courses

Foundations are free 10-week courses (one hour a week) in drama, creative movement or music, for young people who are referred to us because they are facing challenges. It runs in two age groups; 7-11 years and 12-18 years. The sessions use a variety of games and activities in a fun and friendly environment, building to a place where the young people can gently explore creating some material. The focus of the sessions is to help build confidence, increase self-esteem and raise aspirations.

The courses aim to give young people both the personal and practical skills to then progress onto our Big Breaks scheme, which entitles them to a year’s place on our class programme.

We welcome referrals into this programme for young people who may benefit. We prefer for these referrals to come from an organisation, school, or professional working with that young person – we have found that this multi-agency approach tends to bring about the best results. If you are working with a young person who you think would benefit from this programme, please do send a referral using the form below.

Once a Referral form has been completed, please send the completed participant information form to:

Developing social skills

Felt they had low social skills at the start of term. 87%
Felt they had increased their social skills by the end of term. 86%

Confidence building

Felt not very confident at the start of term. 43%
Felt an increase in confidence by the end of term. 86%
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