19/11/2018 DAN.CE.IN Project  DAnce acCEssibility and Inclusion – DAN.CE IN The Garage, Norwich is the U.K Partner for an exciting European Inclusive Dance Project called DAN.CE.IN. Dance has often been stereotyped as an activity executed by certain elite bodies. Inclusive Dance offers a different reality where people with different types of bodies and minds approach the creative dance process, discovering their own way of moving, communicating and dancing. Dance shouldn’t be considered for just a few individuals and excluding the rest. Dance should grow, expand, integrate and involve all of the community.

The below is an example of inclusive dance performed by one of The Garage participants. Choreography: Abby Page. We are on the search for 3 disabled individuals aged 14+ who would like to take on the challenge of this project and join us on our journey into inclusive dance. The selected disabled participants do not need any previous dance experience but will need to demonstrate a desire to express themselves, to move, to perform, to interact with others and possess the ability to participate as an equal partner in a collective work.

Participating in the process will be both abled and disabled professional dancers, dance trainers and disabled people from Italy, Spain and the U.K. The project includes:-

  • Physically exploring movement & dance
  • Travelling to Spain & Italy
  • Performing at a festival and in a theatre
  • Participating/Contributing to Inclusive Practice Events/Conferences
The project will start with a phase of study of the methodology of inclusive dance followed by three training exchanges hosted in Spain, Italy and in the United Kingdom. DAN.CE IN aims to develop a new approach to the concept of “limit”: humans like to create, communicate, learn, express, enjoy and share their abilities. To apply sign up for the open dance workshop at The Garage on Saturday 8 December 1pm-3pm, call us on 01603 283382. For more information email [email protected]

Once you are signed up to the workshop, a member of The Garage Team will call you to arrange an additional interview. Remember you do not need any previous dance experience but rather a desire to express, move, create and collaborate. Exchange Training Dates Spain, Alicante 1518 April 2019 The first exchange will be dedicated to the introduction of “inclusive dance”, explaining the dynamics, aims and distinctive features. The workshops will be led by Maria Lusia Brugarolas and expert in Inclusive Dance, the workshops will be residential and a full time commitment. This will be an excellent framework for participants who are approaching this practice for the first time. Italy, Frontone 20-25 August 2019 The second exchange will dig deeper into the methodology of inclusive dance, with practical workshops once again under the guidance of Maria Luisa Brugarolas. During the exchange the participants will have the chance to perform at the “Notte Nera Festival” an event which attracts large audiences who come from all over the Marche Region. United Kingdom, Norwich 31 October – 3 November 2019 The third exchange will see the creative work of the participants developed further and a performance of this work will take place in The Garage Theatre. There will be time to reflect on the learning and the journey of individuals and the group as a whole. Additional Events During all three exchanges, as well as the practical dance workshops and performance opportunities, each of the hosts will organise an additional event which may take the form of a conference or seminar. The aim of these additional events is to attract a wider audience to participate and learn about inclusive arts practice and to attract local and national press to cover the work of the DAN.CE.IN Project. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What are the costs of taking part in this project? This project has been funding by Erasmus. All participants travel and accommodation will be covered, there is also money to contribute towards the group’s food during the trips. You may want to bring some personal spending money when travelling abroad. You will also need to pay for your own passport if you do not already have one and your will need to pay for your own travel insurance. Do I need a passport? All participants will need have a valid passport for travelling Do I need Insurance? Yes. It is always advisable to obtain insurance before travelling, you would need to look into this yourself as travel insurance costs are different for everyone. The Garage will not be liable for any medical bills accumulated through the travel associated with this project. Who will I travel with? You will travel with 2 other participants, 2 Garage Dance Tutors and a member of The Garage core staff team. What will the workshop be like? The workshop is a chance to try out some creative dance and explore some movement similar to that which will be delivered during the training exchanges. There will be a chance to work with the dance tutors who will be travelling with the group to Spain and Italy. What do I wear to the workshop? Wear comfortable clothing that is not restrictive. What is the interview for? We only have 3 place available for disabled participants on this project. Along with the dance workshop, the interview forms part of the selection process. We want to ensure participants have the right attitude, energy and passion for the project. The interview is an opportunity to demonstrate you have what we are looking for. Do I need to know Spanish and Italian to take part? No. There will be an interpreter to aid understanding between everyone during all three training exchanges. Although feel free to learn some words or signing before the trips. How and when will I find out if I have been selected to take part in the project? The selection workshop and interview take place on Saturday 8 December. We will aim to email you with our decision by Wednesday 12 of December.

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