Time to take a breath says new Dance For Wellbeing tutor Pip

Time to take a breath says Pip

Are you looking to just switch off more? Our new Dance for Wellbeing tutor Pip Raine says we’ve all got too many “tabs” open these days, and stress has become so common. She thinks it’s time to take your foot off the gas, practice some soft self-discipline and find your happy place. 

That’s what she did after 20 years of performing in shows such as Beauty and the Beast, Fosse, Follies, West Side Story, Mary Poppins, An American in Paris, and Spamalot at some of the world’s most prestigious theatres. She also spent time working on cruise ships, which is where she caught the travelling bug.

She said: “I came out of theatre. I had problems with my eyes which gave me anxiety. It was like the universe said, ‘right, that’s done’. I’d intuitively come to a chapter in my life where I was open to new things. When we surrender to a higher whatever people call it, things happen.

“I’d trained in Pilates in my early 30s. So I sold my little flat in London and went travelling to Bali, where I went to The Yoga Barn; I visited Australia…. I always liked the spiritual side of life… There’s so much to learn in Bali… It’s as though the earth swallows you up in the lush grounding and greenness. Everything’s so much slower.”

She wasn’t thinking about returning to the UK permanently. Then, just after visiting her now late dad, Covid struck.

“I was ready for all these changes, but my flow stopped. I really looked inward. I meditated. I did a lot of walking in nature, and I did a lot of really listening to my body and my intuition.”


Keen to learn more, Pip studied with Alchemy of Breath and now works as a mentor for it, paying the good vibes forward.

That’s what our hour-and-a-half Dance for Wellbeing class is all about. Getting your week off to a positive start and boosting your mental health. It’s very creative, improvisational, and relaxing.

Pip is looking forward to incorporating her knowledge of Pilates, the workings and triggers of the nervous system and various breath work techniques into the sessions.

She says: “It’s easy to be distracted with everything else going on. We’re emotional beings. The different forms of breath work are all about getting in tune with our bodies… Optimising our capacity to take in life. To boost resilience and strength. It takes you out of the thinking mind and into just the body.

“It’s changed my life… Removed the conditions of society that are put onto you. It really gives you autonomy, confidence [and the realisation that] vulnerability is strength. Expressive dance is all about losing your inhibitions and I want this group to be really free so you can do that.”

Our autumn term of dance, drama, music, and fitness classes have begun. There’s still time to sign-up. Our friendly front of house team are happy to answer any questions. Give them a call on 01603 283382 or email info@thegarage.org.uk.

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