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Spring term begins Monday 8 January 2024 and runs for 10 weeks.

Please see more information below on how to book your class, taster sessions and the discounts we offer.

If you or the person you are booking on to a class has additional needs and you would like to discuss these in more detail, please call our reception team on 01603 283382.

taster sessions

Want to try a class out? We offer taster sessions. Please see our prices below:

  • My First classes: £10
  • 45 mins/1 hour classes: £12
  • 1.5 hour classes: £17.50

To book a taster, please call us on 01603 283382


  • Please use the filter options when searching for your class. The two options you should use are: Sessions – This brings up the genre of class. Age – This will help you find the classes at your desired age.
  • If you usually receive a concessionary discount, please read the information below before making your booking.


Classes for young people (ages under 16) discounts of 10% are available:
Classes for ADULTS (ages 18+) discounts of 10% are available:

To claim and discuss your discount, please contact us on 01603 283382, your booking will then be continued over the phone.

Should you require further financial support then do not hesitate to enquire about our bursaries by emailing

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