We are all familiar with the expression ‘I want to’. When I heard Chris Evans say on the radio the other morning, whilst I was driving to work, that we should change the expression ‘I want to’ into ‘I am going to’ It got me thinking.

On Wednesday 6 June, I changed ‘I want to join the Kettlercise class at The Garage’ into I’m going to! So after changing into my fitness gear, I entered Studio 3 at 1 o’clock and met with my instructor. 

I really wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for but, I have to say I really enjoyed it. Obviously, being in a wheelchair and having no use of my legs, means that I can only join in with the exercises that are aimed at the arms and upper body but there are so many. 

I also learned that it’s not all about the weight of the kettles. I used a 2kg kettle, which is actually the smallest one available, and the exercises are about the repetition and not the speed that you do them. We worked to music and it was fun! I have to say that two days later I did feel it.

However, I think that anyone who has exercised muscles that haven’t been used that way for a while, is going to feel that they have been stretched. I went again this week and I loved it. So much so, that I’ve ordered my own set of kettle weights and I’m now doing my own exercises at home.

I’m looking at what other classes I will be able to join and I’m quite excited by the prospect of the Seated Pilates that is starting in September on a Thursday morning. This is aimed at anyone who wants to join in with Pilates without having to get down on to the floor (and not just those of us who are always sitting down!). Who’s in?
Lee Baker

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