Session two for Walk a Mile had birthdays, old t-shirts and cardboard shapes.

So yesterday felt like the second first session. We’d lost 6 people but gained 2 new people and there was still an expectant air of excitement plus it was Max’s birthday so we had cake to look forward to.

We got going with some more active games … turns out you can play grandmother’s footsteps at any age and anyone can be grandma!

Everyone had brought in an item of clothing that was special to them or that had a story behind it. I kicked off with the dramatic hit and run story behind my tatty old t-shirt … but we’ll save that for another day. It was great to watch everyone animatedly telling their stories to each other. What a great range of stories from naked skydiving to American football. The groups chose two (we’ll come back to the others at a later date …) and started to think dramatically by doing some storyboarding.

…and then the moment that still gets everyone excited … stepping into the shadows.

To warm up we went back to our made up names from last week but transforming ourselves – basically grabbing a piece of random shaped cardboard and seeing what happened.

Zannie Fraser
Ripstop Theatre

Want to see what the work in the sessions has lead to? Come along to a scratch performance of Walk a Mile on Tuesday 18 July.

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