The lovely Zannie Fraser from Ripstop Theatre  is currently creating her new show Walk a Mile here at The Garage. She is creating the show with a intergenerational participatory theatre group including members of our Theatre Company. Here’s how the first session went.

So from the mind-map to the meeting-up the journey begins… this week, for the first time, the whole group was in the same room. The minibus brought one group (thanks to AgeUK Norwich for organising that!) others came under their own steam.

Everyone was a bit nervous so to get to know each other better we did some “speed dating”. Armed with a list of questions (all about our clothing habits, of course) we moved around the room every 30 seconds speaking to different people. Here are some of the fantastic responses.

  1. Do you ever wear odd socks? Only 6 out of a group of 14 of us would ever dream of wearing odd socks. The 6 who said they would, did so with pride.
  2. Do you have something you wear when no one is going to see you? We wondered if people minded being seen in their pyjamas and only 3 people said they wouldn’t answer the door in their pyjamas. One person said that was because they wouldn’t be wearing anything!
  3. If you had a million pounds …….what item of clothing would you buy? A made-to-measure tailored suit.
  4. If you had to throw out all you clothes and keep one thing… what would it be? A favourite corduroy jacket.
  5. Do you still remember an item of clothing that you no longer have? A red t-shirt with a spider web design on it.
  6. If there was a country/culture/era that you could live in – fashion-wise – what would it be? Wearing a shalwar kameez in Bangladesh … wearing a sari in India … dressing as a pirate … the 1700s … being part of Cromwell’s army.

After some refreshments I got the shadow screen out and asked everyone to try it out. Some were keen, others less so, but once in shadow everyone started playing and some amazing scenes emerged. We saw one lad being tickled by giant hands and another enjoyed being pregnant and having the baby listened to by a doctor. Playing with a simple circle we created a helium balloon, a platter (from which one lady enjoying eating fine delicacies with the most beautiful hand gestures), a dinosaur egg (with dinosaur emerging) and a portal to another dimension!

Some comments as people left:
“That was better than expected”
“That was great, very inspiring”
“ I enjoyed working with people who weren’t teenagers”

I think we can say we all enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to next week.

Zannie Fraser
Ripstop Theatre

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