We’re recruiting for volunteers to help us and fifty children & young people put on our Big Summer Production of Sleeping Beauty!

We are looking for individuals aged 18+ to join our busy summer production team as volunteers. You will be part of the creative team that is bought together for duration of the production. We spend two weeks rehearsing the production and this culminates with 4 performances in The Garage theatre. The cast is made up of 50 young people between the ages of 7 – 18 years old. This year the production is Sleeping Beauty.

The deadline for applications is Monday 5 June. See below for person specifications for each role:

Volunteer Costume & Wardrobe Support

  • Making costumes, adapting clothing, making accessories
  • Working with a small team to make sure all of the costumes and accessories are ready in time.
  • Taking performers measurements and recording these.
  • Helping with costume and accessories fittings.
  • Helping the performers get ready in costume and make up.
  • Supporting backstage during rehearsals and performances, helping performers with their costumes, accessories & make-up.
  • Supporting the performers in a nurturing and caring manner.

Props, Decor & Dressing Maker

  • Creating a list of all props needed for the production
  • Finding, sourcing, making all props for the production.
  • Sourcing décor and materials to use to dress front of house, the stage and the theatre.
  • Dressing front of house  before the performances
  • Dressing the theatre and stage area before the performances
  • Making sure all of the props, set, and dressings are ready in time for the performances.
  • Ensuring props, set and dressing are maintained during the rehearsals and shows.

Volunteer Stage Manager

  • Ensuring that the theatre, back stage areas and dressing rooms are clean, safe and tidy at the beginning of each day ready for the director and cast to rehearse
  • Sitting in on rehearsals taking notes of what groups of performers are needed at what entrances during the show.
  • You will make note of what props need to be set where and when during the rehearsal period.
  • You will be responsible for making sure props are reset in the right places or on the props table ready for use during rehearsals and each performance
  • You will be responsible for keeping cast quiet and out of site while waiting in the wings and in the dock ready to go on stage.
  • You will be responsible for ensuring that the theatre and seating is clean and tidy before the audience enter.
  • You will be in the wings during performances and rehearsals using headphones to communicate with the technicians in the lighting box able to give them cues for when performers are ready and able to communicate to cast if they need to wait for cues.
  • Helping with the ‘get out’ after the shows have finished

Volunteer Support Worker

  • Supporting young people throughout rehearsals and performances, helping them to build confidence and friendships with peers.
  • Upholding and reinforcing the ‘rules’ of the production and helping to deal with any behavioural issues.
  • Running drama games and drama exercises to help build confidence and develop characters, voice and physicality
  • Supervising ‘down time’ while children they wait in studios to rehearse or perform or during lunchtime and breaks.
  • Helping to organise the younger performers so that they are in the right place at the right time for rehearsals and shows.
  • Helping the performers get ready in costume and make up.
  • Supporting backstage during rehearsals, runs and performances, helping to make sure performers are ready for their cues.
  • Supporting the performers in a nurturing and caring manner.

Volunteer Technician – Lighting & Effects

  • Sitting in on rehearsals taking notes of what lighting the director wants for each scene and for key moments in the production.
  • Making up a script with all lighting, sound and effect cues.
  • Liaising with The Garage Technician to know what is possible with our rig.
  • Liaising with the director about the mood and feel for the lighting for each scene.
  • Designing the lighting for each scene and come up with a lighting plot that works with the resources we have at The Garage.
  • Sourcing the special effects that the director wants – this could be dry ice or bubbles or projections etc.
  • Sharing the lighting design with the garage technician
  • Helping with the garage technician with  set up, rigging and plotting of lights, effect and sound
  • Calling the shows. Helping in the box to operate lights, sounds and effects.
  • Helping with the ‘get out’ after the shows have finished


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