The Garage Youth Forum is looking for new members, and we’d love to have you on the team!

But what is The Garage Youth Forum?

The Garage Youth Forum, running for almost three years now, is a programme that gives young people opportunities that are unimaginable for people aged between 12 and 21.

As part of being the youth forum, each member gets their say in putting on live arts events (often youth based ones). This gives the members the chance to have an insight into behind the scenes of putting on events – from booking acts to programming lights and sound, each and every aspect can be learned by taking part.

The Garage Youth Forum also work together to have a say on how other events in and around The Garage work, and they also connect with other youth groups in and around the Norwich area to produce new events and opportunities for other young people.

Youth Forum members may get the opportunity to:

  • Help at events such as The Royal Norfolk Show
  • Plan and Run a stage at events like The Magdalen Street Celebrations
  • Attend interviews on local radio stations
  • Write news columns
  • Attend conferences about young people and events.
  • Run events for young people

If this sounds like something you are interested in or would love to learn about, download an application form today! Details about submission deadlines and how to submit are enclosed in the form.

Application Form

Should you have any more enquiries or queries before applying, please feel free to contact us by emailing

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