The first reviews for My First Play: A Midsummer Night’s Nap are in.

The EDP said: “Speaking as a mum of a five-year-old who doesn’t enjoy large crowds and loud noise, I am pleased to tell you even they were joining in with the singing and dancing with wild abandon… Anyone looking to introduce their children to the wonder world of theatre, or just a fun way to spend an hour of the summer holidays, I honestly cannot recommend enough that you get yourselves tickets to this magical play.”

Norwich Eye said: “Bringing Shakespeare to the 0-7 year old theatre-going market may appear impossible, but in fact it works very well indeed… It is full of music, colour and exuberant costumes… The children outnumbered the adults and they all enjoyed the show and had their attention held throughout…Director Daniel Burgess has created a happy show which gets across the humour of the original and will give children a great start to a lifelong interest in seeing live theatre.”

Lauren Gordon, of, loved it too. She said: “The actors are always so brilliant at getting all the kids involved and I love the audience participation. Dil loved the donkey called Bottom – he’s still talking about it. The relaxed atmosphere and not feeling stressed about my little boy wanting to get up or make a noise is always the best bit about the My First shows for me. The highlight for me though was the guy from the audience they got to be the wall. Absolutely hilarious.”

Alex Atkinson, of The Parent and Baby Show, said: “It’s a really relaxed, informal and enjoyable play – ideal for toddlers, even when they just won’t sit still. My daughter loved getting involved with the characters and dancing around to the music.”

Norwich Mumbler’s guest reviewer said: “I’ve heard great things about previous performances such as My First Panto and we were not disappointed. It’s a fun way to introduce the works of Shakespeare to children for the first time in an interactive, musical environment.”

Blogger Feed Felix Fast said: “We loved it! Ask my four year old, Teddy, if he likes people being silly and turning into donkeys – of course the answer is yes! He laughed like crazy all through the show and was mesmerised by the lights and being asked to join in. Felix is eight and knew the story already and enjoyed being a little more grown up. What a fantastic introduction to Shakespeare!

“We knew this production would be great and can’t wait to see what’s in store for us at the next My First Panto in November. Thank for such magical times in a relaxed theatre.”

Rock n Roller Baby blog said: “More lovely immersive theatre for littles… Ambitious? Well yes I should say so! But they pulled it off… It was really enjoyable… There were plenty of opportunities to join in which pleased Florence and the sensory element was lovely for Raffie. Lots to see and listen to with songs and music he could bop to. Jimmy say attentively listening and watching the whole time.”

Me, Him, The Dog and a Baby blog said: “This is an absolutely magical way to introduce children to theatre, plays and Shakespeare. Children are not confined in any way and are therefore able to fully immerse themselves in the world created on the stage. It took only minutes after we left The Garage for Erin to ask if we could go back and see something else there again soon.”

Audiences have fallen in love with the show.

Lizzie Warner said: “Fantastic show… My four-year-old was engrossed throughout and my one-year-old was clapping to all the music.”

Abigail Craig said: “We really enjoyed it and are looking forward to coming again.”

Emma Oldershaw said: “This was amazing. My three-year-old loved it and said what fun it was. Simply fantastic.”

Gabrielle Meadows said: “Loved it. The music in brilliant… My three-year-old sat transfixed throughout. Great to break up the text with moments for them to be involved too. Shakespeare as accessible and imaginative entertainment for kids – thank you!”

Lisa Elmer said: “My two loved (it). Harrison said the fairies were his favourite bit and turning a man into a donkey was a bit silly.”

Natalie Gross said: “Livvy really enjoyed her first visit to the theatre to watch this play. It was definitely a theatre visit unlike any other I have experienced before! She was up dancing with fairies and playing throughout with the characters and the music was incredible. Highly recommend it!”

Adapted and directed by All-In Productions‘ Daniel BurgessMy First Play: A Midsummer Night’s Nap runs at The Garage until Sunday 4 August.

On a cool summer’s night, all havoc is breaking loose in the forest. The fairies are up to no good and they want you to help them. The Fairy King and Queen have fallen out of love. Meanwhile, a group of awful actors are getting ready to put on their play when their lead actor is turned into a donkey. Will all be right by morning or was it just a dream?

Aimed at ages 0-7, My First Play: A Midsummer Night’s Nap is performed in an informal setting and lasts around 50 minutes to an hour depending on how much you play. There’s also a BSL interpreted performance at 1.15PM Thursday 25 July and an audio-described performance at 3.15PM on Friday 2 August.

Photo: Teele Photography

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