We caught up with Melissa Todd from Hags Ahoy, the theatre company bringing Right of Entitlement to The Garage on Thursday 10 October, 7.30pm.

Tell us about Hags Ahoy? 
Hags Ahoy is a new theatre company from Broadstairs, Kent. It’s run by Steven Todd, who was a postman and amateur playwright for 30 years, and now writes and tours professionally full-time. His plays are angry, current and deeply personal.

Tell us about the show?
Right of Entitlement deals with issues around education, class and social mobility, which, at a time when class divisions are more entrenched and insurmountable than ever, is particularly timely and relevant.

Is this the first time you have staged the show?
The play has visited the Brighton, Gravesend and Manchester fringe festivals, and also been to London and Coventry, where it packed houses and received rave reviews, and was shortlisted for the Obelisk award. We have been touring all year and after Norwich will visit Cardigan, Chester, Huddersfield, Glasgow and Leicester, before heading back to Kent.

Without giving anything away, what’s the highlight of the show for you and for the audience?
As a theatre collective we are angry about the lack of opportunities for young people in Britain today – at least, young people who don’t come from privileged backgrounds. The action of our play centres around a young girl who visits an educational psychologist and the tussle that follows between them. Over the course of the session it becomes unclear who exactly is analysing and understanding whom.

How do you want audiences to feel after the show?
After the play we would like our audience to go away thoughtful, busily discussing the issues raised! Anyone with an interest in the future of young people or education will be entranced by this “funny, wise, relevant play”, and can expect to have their beliefs challenged.

Hays Ahoy present Right of Entitlement at The Garage on Thursday 10 October, 8pm. Tickets £8. Click here for more information and to book.

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