Hello, everybody!

We’ve just finished our first week of rehearsals and it’s been great getting stuck into the story. I’m loving the experience of exploring the character of [Little] Red and I realised very quickly that Red and I are very similar people!

We both LOVE stories and we both LOVE to sing.

The music in the show has a wonderful folk/country feel to it – which compliments Red perfectly  because country music is all about story-telling. It’s primary function is to connect to the audience by being as truthful and generous as possible, which sums up Red to a T!

Red and I love all of the songs in the show but our favourites are WolfeScared Red and Start The Story Song… they’re so fun to play and sing along to.

When Violet and Mum join in with their violin, mandolin and accordion; there’s no greater feeling and sound.

Look forward to seeing you soon and can’t wait to sing along with you!


Red and Lisa. x

Lisa Wright headshot

My First Panto: Little Red Riding Hood is a family friendly experience, in a relaxed setting for your little ones to participate in theatre for the first time; babies can be fed and children play along with the action. Click here to find out more about the show here.

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