Rapunzel’s mother, the witch Dame Gothel wasn’t thrilled about her daughter’s trip to John Olivers hair studio in Red Lion Street.

“I’m not thrilled but we made a deal after some issues about her leaving the tower and I agreed to let her have her hair done. She looks lovely,” she said through gritted teeth as graduate stylist Beth Page worked her magic on Rapunzel’s long but lacklustre locks.

The heroine of The Garage in Norwich and All-In Productions’ latest My First show couldn’t have been happier though.*

“My pet lizard said I should get my hair done but I didn’t know what style to have so where better to come than a hairdressers. It’s so strange and I don’t know what this contraption she’s using is. I thought it was so pretty. The roses were gorgeous. It was nice to get it professionally done and it was a nice little daytrip out of the tower.”

Beth, who’s worked at the Red Lion Street and Elm Hill studios nearly four years, wasted no time giving Rapunzel’s hair some added flair.

She said: “I wanted to get nice soft curls through, not a really slicked back look. A loose effect which is modern but timeless. We curled it all with the new ghd oracle, which is exclusive to salons. It allows you to create an infinite array of curls and can be used to add texture and definition to hair ups and braids.

“Then we did a fishtail braid involving the extra pieces of hair we had. Then we tied it up with a ribbon and clipped some red roses we’d made into her hair. We left a piece just around the front to make it a bit softer, pulled all the plait out and curled it. The extra hair was a bit too long even for Rapunzel so we took a little bit off to make it look tamed so she’s all ready to go.”

Meet the cast on Level 1 of Castle Quarter in Norwich from 11am-3pm, Saturday, November 23, learn the words to some of the show’s songs and enter our competition to win a family ticket to the show.

My First Panto: Rapunzel runs 29 November to 12 January.

*If you want to see how Evening News photographer Ella Wilkinson got the great picture of Rapunzel leaning out the window, check out the picture carousel.

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