Brief Plot Synopsis:

What it means to be a boy or girl. Talking about Gender Stereotypes in a cabernet style. For ages 6-10.

My expectations before entering the theatre were for it to be child friendly and fun, also to have an important message but put through in an interesting way.

When I entered the theatre, I felt quite overwhelmed also shocked with the vibrancy of the setting and all the lights. I felt like the show was going to be fun and suitable for children.

The performers were very good, they used their acting and cabaret skills well with singing and dancing but also using mime in pieces where they didn’t speak, e.g. the part where they did Jane and Peter.

The play set out to explore gender stereotypes in a fun, questioning way and spread the message that you should be yourself and should let anything get you down, be who you are and that is perfect. I think that they achieved that.

The scenery was very vibrant and fun, it had a blue side with blue pillows and blue lights on the floor on the audience side and a pink side with the same style, also chairs at the back behind the audience pillows and lights. On the stage itself, it had a blue side and pink side with boxes in an arch style with lights on them. On the blue side it had blue coloured things and on the pink side it had pink coloured things, these were quite gender stereotyped toys almost. This scenery was supportive to the show because it involved the audience in. This made a fun impression on me and made me appreciate the show more.

At the end, I felt like that was a very good show and was shown to us in a very good way!

I would rate this play  ****

By Paris Thompson

Princess Charming by Spun Glass Theatre was at The Garage on Friday 28 September

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