Stewart McCheyne has toured pretty much every city in the UK with children’s band Andy and The Odd Socks, but this was his first visit to Norwich. “That’s it,” he said when we suggest he was saving the best for last.

Anybody with a young child of CBeebies age will recognise the actor / musician, known for playing Cousin Mac in The Odd Socks. He’s currently appearing as the Prince in The Garage and All-In Productions’’ latest collaboration – My First Panto: Rapunzel.

“It’s been lots and lots of fun. It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything like this. The last couple of years have been taken over by The Odd Socks. I’ve never really done a show where I’m playing so much guitar. I play keyboard in The Odd Socks and it’s nice to do a lot of singing again too.

“This isn’t as simple as a traditional panto. The show is completely down to what the audience brings to it as well, that’s been really exciting and kept us on our toes.”

The run coincided with Odd Socks Day, which sees the band team-up with the Anti-Bullying Alliance. For the past three years they have released a song which has been the theme of Anti-Bullying Week. The first was called Unique, the second Choose Respect and the third Change.

“It’s a great cause and lots of fun. We visit schools, talk to youngsters, play some songs but I was thinking I’ve got to get back and save Rapunzel,” he laughed.

There’s only two more chances to catch him in My First Panto: Rapunzel at The Garage, with shows at 10.15AM and 1.15PM tomorrow, Sunday, 12 January. You can hit this link to book. will be back on the TV soon though.

The Odd Socks’ new series Andy and The Band follows our adventures on the road. It’s a lot of fun, we get into lots of mayhem and mischief. It airs early this year.”

Songs from the series will feature on their new album, Who’s In The Odd Socks?

“We went to sign the album deal. I was just standing at the lift, ready to go into this amazing building in Knightsbridge and this man walks in. I’m looking at the other band members and I was like ‘did we see him a couple of days ago, he’s very familiar’. I had another good look and I was like ‘oh I know why I saw him a couple of days ago’. It was Andrew Ridgeley from Wham. He was on blooming Graham Norton talking about Last Christmas the film,” he laughed.

“He was in the room next door to us while we were doing our thing. We were being ridiculous, being typical Odd Socks, causing a scene, goodness knows what everybody thought.”

My First Panto: Rapunzel is written and directed by All-In ProductionsDaniel Burgess with songs and music by Lloyd Gorman.

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