Meet Unsigned 2023 future music star Amber Green


Meet Amber Green, one of our new Unsigned performers. Despite coming from a musical family, we have Eurovision to thank for nurturing her love of performing, which helps with her Tourette’s. Just watch your eyes when she pulls out the guitar pick… 

The 24-year-old is a singer-songwriter from Norwich. She studied Music Performance at Access to Music. As well as performing, she works part-time as a PA at a taxi company, where she takes children and people with special needs to school etc. They love her singing to them on the drives. She picks up the story.

I have been singing for as long as I can remember. My nana then started to teach me piano when I was eight. I later started teaching myself guitar when I was 12 by using YouTube videos.

I started writing songs when I was in school when I first joined the school choir. The teacher would let me sing them in front of the class. I remember being so nervous each time. I have been performing [solo] for five years, but I was performing in bands previous to this for around three.

I’ve always had a love for music and performing. I think this is because I come from such a musical family. I was always around music, and it has been such a big part of my life. My nana was always playing the piano as was my grandad. My uncle is also in a band. He used to let me come up and sing with them.

I think I first realised my love for performing through watching Eurovision at a young age. I remember really wanting to be on that show. It was so colourful and dramatic, I loved it.

I used to get really bad nerves, where I would shake all over. I would cope by pretending that I was just practicing in my own home, and no one was watching.

The first time I performed, I remember being so nervous that my hands had gotten really clammy and sweaty which lead to not very good guitar playing. I had a very shaky voice too which didn’t help. For a first performance I’d say it went alright considering. My mum liked it at least.

She’s my biggest fan. She’s always been in the front row of every gig she can make. Wearing the unofficial merch – a T-shirt with a picture of me in it. 

I wouldn’t be able to do it without my dad too. Taking me to events, helping load and unload. My parents have really helped me over the years with my music and been so supportive. I can’t thank them enough.

Nowadays, whether I get the shakes depends on the size of the venue or who’s going to be there. It doesn’t happen that often anymore, as in college I would have to perform to a class full of people each week, so it got a lot easier.

I’ve had a few moments where I’ve wanted to fade away into the abyss. The one that I still think about to this day is when I was playing quite a fast song. I let go of the guitar pick, and it flew through the air and hit this lovely man in the eye. So look out if you’re ever in the front row of one of my gigs.

I’ve performed in a lot of places around Norfolk over the past eight years. Venues such as Castle Social, Brickmakers, B2, Gringos and various pubs. I think the biggest crowd I ever played too was at a festival in Halesworth. There was around two-three thousand people there.

I released my debut album in 2021, called So Far so Great. You can find it on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes etc.

Since releasing it I really think my songwriting skills have improved a lot. So the next album is the one to look out for. I’m currently in the process of writing it!

I have a few friends who have really benefitted a lot from Unsigned, so I thought I would give it a go. It’s been amazing so far. I’ve learned so much already from tutors Millie Manders and Emma O’Reilly about how to improve my performance. I’ve also got a lot more opportunities to perform and work on my music.

I get writer’s block quite often. Then again, if I put the time into songwriting it can also be one of my biggest strengths. I’ve definitely improved over the years. I would say its matured both lyrics wise and the way I perform.

I would love to have more contacts in the music business, learn more about it and e things I may not know that can help improve my performance and give me the confidence I need to be a great performer.

I would love to get more chances to gig in different places other than Norfolk and the surrounding areas. I love doing what I do, and it really gives me a mental health boost when people say they like what I do.

While performing, I’m always happy. Never have I had a performance where I didn’t feel amazing and like I had accomplished something after.

One of my biggest put downs in life for me is my Tourette’s disorder. You can notice when I’m stressed or anxious by the amount I tick. People don’t seem to notice I have them when I’m performing. 

They almost completely go away because I’m in my happy place. Especially when people sing along to my songs. It makes me feel so special.

You can listen to Amber on Spotify, iTunes, Depop, and YouTube. Follow her on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

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