A simple trip to the market changed Jack’s life forever. Now one of panto-land’s most famous residents, we found out how he and family are coping with their new-found fame after their adventures up the beansprout.

Can you take me back to that business with the giant and what that was like?

Oh it was incredibly scary. He was so mean and, well, giant. Thankfully I had my mum up there and she gave him a good telling off. That soon put him in his place.

How much and in what ways has your life changed since the incident?

It’s been wonderful. My mother and I never have to worry about money ever again and I can spend all day playing with my best friend in the world, Daisy Cow.

Do you and any of the other panto-land celebrities get together much?

Yes. We’re having them all over for Christmas dinner this year and with the help of our newly-acquired golden hen we’ll be putting together a pretty lavish spread. They’ll want to watch their teeth on those golden eggs though.

What’s your relationship with the giant like, has he reached out to apologise to you and the other villagers? What you say to those who say you’re to blame for everything after stealing his gold and chopping down his beansprout?

We haven’t spoken yet, I think he’s having a big long think about what he’s done. But if he wants to come and say sorry we’ll have him over for tea. I do sometimes feel a little bit bad for stealing his stuff, but you do have to remember he was going to eat me.

Any advice about enchanted objects and dealing with wicked characters for the other residents of panto-land?

If a strange old lady offers you magic beans DON’T EAT THEM. It’s such a waste. Plant them instead.

Jack’s having this Christmas off, but you can catch his good friend Rob Gathercole in My First Panto: Little Red Riding Hood at our sister venue The Workshop in King’s Lynn. The show runs 16-29 December. It’s a co-production with All-In Productions, written and directed by Daniel Burgess with music and songs by Lloyd Gorman.

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