We interviewed Mullally ahead of his headlining at SLAM!

How did you begin your musical journey?
Well I saw Ed Sheeran playing a guitar when I was about 15 and I thought ‘why can’t I do that?’ So I bought an acoustic for something silly like £15 and taught myself how to play. It just kind of developed from there…

Who or what are your main influences/inspirations?
I love all sorts of music. My inspiration for vocal ability is Marvin Gaye. If one day I could sing like him, I will have achieved a life goal. However, my inspiration for music ranges from Disclosure to Paolo Nutini. I love so many different genres and sounds it’s really hard to pick main influences.

How do you feel your style has developed over your time as a performing musician?
Well I started by playing in a band with my two best mates, so we just kind of got on stage, got a bit merry and had a wicked time playing punky reggaeish pop; Whereas now, I play acoustic reggae/soul and really try to engage the audience with what I’m doing nothing. I would say I have slowly refined what I do, I’m always trying to get better and develop because I think that’s really important for an artist.

What do you feel are the main differences between being in a band and being a solo artist?
I think the intensity of being a solo artist is heightened. It’s just you, a guitar and the people watching you, there’s nothing to hide behind. Travelling is much easier though.

You were the runner up of the Song Academy’s top 10 young songwriters… Can you tell us more about this experience?
Well my tutor at Access to Music told me to enter so I did, and then I thought that nothing would come of it – there were over 600 entries ! So it was a massive surprise! I was shocked and flattered in equal measure because the judging panel was incredible, names like Naughty Boy and Tom Odell.

What’s your favourite thing about Norwich’s music scene and culture?
The chilled atmosphere is so welcoming. Everyone has got a beard or a cup of tea and it’s just very easy to be part of. I think everyone in the local scene in fantastically friendly and that speaks for itself. I can’t speak badly of anyone in Norwich’s scene.

Who is your favourite local musician?
I love lots of local bands. The Piratones, Solko and Dumbfoundus all have a place on my regular playlist. I really like Lee Vann – he’s such a wicked guy and incredible with a loop pedal. I also love the Montagues and Capulets, they’re so tight live.

You recently performed in Camden, how different is it to performing in Norwich?
I’ve been doing a lot of shows in London recently, they’re really exciting. You never know who might be watching, which is great! They seem to be much more tiring than norwich shows, 3 hours travel either side and the tube and carry your gear round the most hectic city in Europe requires a lot of energy!

Tell us about your latest song!
Well I wrote the lyrics and chord progression in two separate songs, but I was in the studio with a sick producer called Pro2jay and we pieced together this poppy, reggae tune with a hip hop beat. It’s had a great response so far, which is awesome!

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
A really intelligent rap artist, like Wretch 32 or George the Poet. I love their stuff, intelligent rap. I’d also love to make a dance track with a producer, that would be sick.

Can you sum up what your music is about in three words?
Honesty, passion and enjoyment.

Mullally is headlining SLAM on 28 May at 6.30PM, and open to anyone aged 16 – 21.

Tickets: £3 adv / £3.50 on the door
Bookings: 01603 598646
Twitter: @MullallyMusic

Interview by Katrina Bowen

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