The Garage Youth Forum Relaunch was an evening designed to promote ourselves and to encourage and recruit new members.  The evening consisted of a presentation given by two of the group’s members, and an act from our signature event SLAM!. We chose an act to play because we felt that this would give audience members a chance to get a practical insight to what we do. By the end of the evening we had gained six new members.

If we could do the relaunch again, we would work on our promotion techniques to promote it (this also applies to many of our events, and is something we are currently working on as a group).

We felt that overall the evening was well organised and that it ran smoothly. Perhaps next time we will be able to attract even more members!

We ran a family stage at the The Magdalen Street Celebrations 2016 and it went extremely well. On the 8th of October 2016 several members of the group took separate roles in running the event. Some members took the role of sound design, others took the role of promotion, and others took the role of artist liaison. Overall, we felt that the event ran smoothly and we promoted it well, and we also took the opportunity to promote SLAM!.

To improve the event, we felt that we could organise our tech spec a little earlier and we felt that we could communicate with the event organisers more.

Our Signature Event SLAM! Nights are made by young people for young people. This is where people can get up on stage and preform to an audience. We also have the legendary scratch round on the night where the audience can preform for up to 3 minutes each.

Our recent Slam Night on the 27th October 2016 had 8 acts plus the scratch round. We sold 24 tickets which isn’t as good as our previous Slam Nights.

We played a video from New Routes on refugees to help and support young people from deprived areas.

To improve Slam for next time we should be more organised in promoting and getting sorted with the acts which could help the night run more smoothly.

We wish to now run a Christmas event with other organisations within The Garage, and we also hope to continue to support young people from deprived areas and other areas that we may not have supported before.

By Daisy Jennings and Dylan Barber, TGYF

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