Our lucky HNC Performing Arts Foundation Programme students got to take part in workshops today led by Abbie Willcox, the participation producer for Theatre Témoin. 

The company is bringing its latest play, FEED, here at 7.30PM tomorrow, Wednesday 26 February.

Described by Broadway Baby as “essentially a live episode of #blackmirror” it introduces you to a world where emotions are the currency and your passions and fantasies will be indulged – for a price.

Abbie said: “Today we’re delving into the show and the themes around the ‘attention economy’ in more detail. We’re doing some improv, some clowning, some physicalisation of some of the psychology behind the social media platforms and big business. How they manipulate us how they keep using their platforms.

“This is our first date of three in the south east. The tour has been great and we’re hoping to keep the work going and create a tour for HNC, college and university students and look at taking the work into education settings.”

The show’s themes of click-bait culture, fake news and cyber gluttony is very topical.

“It’s something a lot of people tussle with on a daily basis in terms with how to keep safe in an increasingly digital world and protect their wellbeing. Particularly for young people and young adults, it’s something that’s perhaps not on their radar as a risk.

“Part of the workshop today is thinking about our attention and how people economise that and make money out of that. So often, when we just click on something here or look at something there we don’t realise what the bigger picture is.

“We have such greater access and inter-connectivity now which on one hand is real positive, but with that comes caution so it’s a cautionary tale.”

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