Ella and her sisters entertain John Lewis shoppers


It was supposed to be Ella’s big break, but her jealous sisters Adina and Lydia did everything they could to make sure she didn’t get her moment in the spotlight at Norwich’s John Lewis.

Ella said: “It was my debut gig but they ‘forgot’ the amps, the PA – and the drumkit. Even worse, they volunteered me to help out round the store.”

Instead of dusting off her guitar, Adina and Lydia had Ella dusting mirrors and scrubbing cookers. They wouldn’t even let her rehearse in one of the kitchen showrooms, dragging her round the store instead.

Ella added: “They wouldn’t even help me pick shoes or a dress for the royal party. Meanwhile, they’re in the beauty department getting pampered and eying up jewelry.”

Adina and Lydia said Ella was being a “diva”, as usual.

“Who does Ella think she is? We’re not her servants – she’s ours. That equipment was too heavy, and we’ve just had our nails done. Anyway, it’s us who people have come to see so we have to look our best.”

Their bad behaviour caught the eye of John Lewis’ other special guest – Santa Claus.

Once again, Ella’s sisters couldn’t bear her one moment in the limelight. No sooner had she sat down with Santa, than Adina and Lydia muscled in.

Both sisters asked him not to make Ella’s dreams of being a rock star come true. Adina fancied having a prince too. While Lydia wanted to be as famous as Father Christmas himself.

They may have made his naughty list, but Ella’s wish of making people happy through music did come true. She gave seasonal shoppers a sneak peek at some of the songs they are playing at My First Panto: Cinderella Rocks! At The Garage Norwich and The Workshop King’s Lynn.

Laura Gray is the Partner and Events, Marketing Coordinator at John Lewis and Partners’ All Saints Green store.

She said: “It was a real pleasure having everyone all in. It was very naughty of Adina and Lydia to work Ella so hard. She’s welcome back – without them – anytime. We’ve got some great seasonal activities she could join in with every Saturday between now and Christmas.

“These include Christmas tree dressing, gift personalisation, more live music and Christmas storytime for children. Our special Christmas post-box is running until 13 December so children can write to Father Christmas.”

Adina and Lydia were a bit nicer to Ella when they popped by Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library’s Early Years Library for a special My First Storytime session run by The Garage. And again when all three performed for shoppers at Norwich’s Castle Quarter.

My First Panto: Cinderella Rocks! Is the latest co-production between The Garage Norwich, The Workshop King’s Lynn and All-In Productions.

It’s at The Garage from 26 November to 6 December 2021 and 15 December 2021 to 16 January 2022. It’s also at The Workshop from 8 to 13 December 2021.

General booking for next year’s classes is now open. Spring term begins 10 January.

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