Discover Art took place at Diss Corn Hall from January until May 2018. Below is a copy of the things that we did during the sessions.


 Activity overview
Workshop 1Design your own Super Hero
2Create a comic strip featuring your superhero
3Mask making
4Set design- create design
5Set design – create a miniature world
6Finish off miniature world
7Textiles collage
9Painting/abstract/still life/portraits
10Painting continued
11Create a scene and develop a script
12Create an animation model
13Animation and film/ intro
14Animation/stop motion
15Last session show and tell, invite parents, give out certificates and finish books.


Each week we did a different activity, some of the activities lasted a couple of weeks and the young people ended up with a whole range of new skills from drawing to animation. The classes lasted two hours each session apart from the 10 minute biscuit break at 5pm. 22 young people started the course and 17 went on to get their Arts Award Discover. Overall everyone had a great time although the Corn Hall had many a stressful week about the state of their carpet! (No lasting damage was made).

The final week saw lots of cake consumed and also parents were invited to come along and see the finished animations. 17 young people were presented with their Arts Award certificates.


The project was supported by Awards for All.

World in a Box

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