Saturday 8th July saw our D4Dance Company take part in the Lord Mayors procession. I work as support for the group on Thursday nights here at The Garage, and part of that support work is being in the dances too. As I had never been part of the Lord Mayor’s before, I was definitely just as excited, if not more so, than the rest of the group. This excitement was further increased by our theme, which was flamingos and so we were all dressed in pink, with flamingo head pieces, which had been made especially for the group.

There was a real buzz as we got into place ready for the procession to begin. We had a giant puppet close behind us, which had been made by Norwich Puppet Theatre and so many schools and groups eagerly awaiting the start of the procession.

The band started up in front of us and off we went…

We danced all the way from St Stephens to the Puppet Theatre and there was such a wonderful reception from the crowds as we flocked, (do flamingos flock?) past. It was lovely to witness both the crowd and the group’s reaction to the event. And I was so proud of D4Dance who stayed in their flamingo formation and danced the entire procession. One member next to me kept commenting, ‘this is the most exciting thing ever!’ and I couldn’t have agreed more!

Blog by Rachael Morrison, Youth Arts Worker & Support Worker

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