Tuesday 17th July. In many ways it was a regular Tuesday, but in a few very important ways it was much more than that. As it creeps towards the end of the academic year it also creeps towards a year since I joined the team here at The Garage – and on Tuesday, the same day I taught my final theatre classes of the year, I also got to see this bunch again. 

I came to The Garage in August last year to start teaching the Level 4 HNC course, and on Tuesday our first cohort of students came in to pick up their certificates, before they go off and enter the wide and wonderful world of the performing arts.

For some of them, come September they will be studying the subject further at university, others will be receiving further training at top vocational colleges, and others have already been working professionally in the performing arts!

It goes without saying we are immensely proud of our class of 2018 and what they have achieved; we couldn’t have hoped for a better first cohort of students and I know everyone here at The Garage wishes them the best for their future endeavours. 

It took 45 years after the invention of the tin can to invent the tin opener, and what these guys achieved in just 6 months of intensive training was more than impressive. Paradoxically it feels like such a long time ago that they joined us, and yet also feels like the last 10 months has flown by. 

But this is not the place for me to get into a discussion about the relativity of time, so I will simply finish by saying that my first (almost) year at The Garage has been an absolute delight and I am looking forward to the next. Goodbye cohort #1, bring on cohort #2!

Chris Smith, Lead Lecturer-HNC Performing Arts

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