Get your game on with Blue Badge Bunch: Reramped

A woman cheers with her arms in the air while several children sat at a table look on during a Blue Badge Bunch show

Blue Badge Bunch: Reramped is a new interactive game show created by and hosted by comedian Benny Shakes where disadvantage is an advantage. 

Born with cerebral palsy, he believes humour is a powerful way to educate and reshape society’s perceptions and emphasise everyone’s right to respect. We spoke to him about the show, here on 29 June, and the effect he hopes it has on audiences.

Can you tell me more about Blue Badge Bunch: Reramped?

It’s all about disability awareness. We play five games, and each one represents different experiences of being disabled. It’s a bit like Taskmaster with me and a co-host, and the audience get to join in with the games.

The first is called The Big Draw where you draw me or a host with your feet while myself or a host wear funny wigs and mess about. My favourite game is called Let’s Talk with Jamie, which is all about augmentative and alternative communication devices. Jamie can speak, but finds it hard, so he uses a communication device and symbols to represent words. In the game, we show a sentence or a few words in symbols and the audience guess what they mean.

I like it when disabled children come and see it. I make it my personal responsibility to get them more involved. Yes, it’s for everyone, including non-disabled people, but by picking the disabled children first I am trying to show the other children what it feels like to not be picked first.

Where did the idea come from?

It was during lockdown. Me and my business partner were thinking about how we could get more respect for disabled people by showing others that just because you are disabled, it doesn’t hold you back.

As everyone was on their phones 24/7, we asked comedians to send in videos of themselves, highlighting their experience of being disabled. It was a big success online, so we decided to start doing live shows with the same concept when things reopened in 2022.

It sounds obvious but what’s the aim of the show?

We want to get young people to respect and understand the experiences of disabled people. Also, we hope when they grow up, it will encourage them to want to employ disabled people, design cheaper adaptations, or make their workplaces or cities more accessible.

How’s Blue Badge Bunch: Reramped gone down with audiences?

It’s been super positive! We’ve had four and five star reviews, awards [including winner of the Disability Champions Award 2023] and the children really get a buzz out of the games. They leave being more aware of how to help and be more considerate towards disabled peers.

Any tips for people coming along?

This is an interactive show, and the more people get involved the more enjoyment everyone has! Also, you might want to give your feet a wash before coming in, lol.

Presented by Ingenious Fools, Blue Badge Bunch: Reramped is here on 29 June at 2pm. It’s for ages 5+ and runs for 55 minutes. The performance will be BSL interpreted. Watch the trailer. Read more about our new Access Scheme.

Find out more about Benny Shakes or follow Blue Badge Bunch on X, Instagram, and Facebook.

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