Be brave enough to explore your creative side says dancer Alex Sturman 


Dancer Alex Sturman says giving young people the chance to explore themselves in a creative way is so important – especially during the times we’re living in.

He said: “I was genuinely thrilled that an organisation such as The Garage Trust would ask me to become one of their ambassadors. Growing up in Taverham and not fully knowing where my journey could take me, was hard to see.

“However, by working with the trust, I want to make sure that anyone and everyone who has an interest or wants a career in the arts knows they 100% absolutely can, no matter what anyone else says.

“I feel very privileged and grateful to have been asked. This means a lot to me, and I hope my experience and knowledge of the industry can be of great value in any way, shape or form.

“I’m looking forward to working on any projects I can. To offer advice and most importantly encourage young people of all backgrounds and ethnicities to get involved in the wonderful world of the creative arts.

“I feel it’s important to help show anyone that you can achieve whatever you set out to do by working hard and having determination.

“Being involved in the creative arts industry really allows me to escape reality for that short time of two hours which excites me and brings me and whoever is watching so much happiness.

“There is so much to explore within the arts, and I encourage you to be brave enough to explore that side of you, no matter what stands in your way.

“Organisations such as The Garage Trust are so special to have. You provide a place where young people have the opportunity to feel safe while they dive into a world that inspires them.

“To allow kids the chance to explore themselves in a creative way, especially in the times we are living in right now, plays a fundamental part of learning how to be their best self.

“Having the facility to do that is important and paves the way to make dreams become a reality.

“Without giving the trust the support they need, they wouldn’t be able to function and therefore give support to those who need it most. It also gives hope to those who may struggle to see the light by connecting like-minded souls together.

“Sharing what we all experience when watching or listening to a TV show, film, musical, play or the radio, creates a connection with others that is so strong. I think the past couple of years has really made people acknowledge just how important the arts are.”

Alex first started dancing at Stagecoach Norwich on Saturday mornings, where he trained for several years in dance, singing and acting. 

After completing GCSEs at the age of 16, he attended City College Norwich for a three-month intensive course which prepared him to audition for musical theatre colleges in London.

He auditioned for The Urdang Academy the same year and was offered a place on the Dance and Musical Theatre National Diploma course, graduating in 2013. He’s now a regular lecturer there, teaching many subjects including jazz and contemporary.

Since graduating, he has performed in many productions including Sir Matthew Bourne’s tour of Swan Lake, Edward Scissorhands, Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns, the Classical Brit Awards, with Jessie J for Strictly Come Dancing and David Beckham’s body wear advert for H&M.

He is one of several new ambassadors. Joining him are:

Richard Jordan is described by The Stage as “one of the UK’s most prolific producers”.

A new writing and musical theatre specialist, he’s been at the forefront of developing and presenting works by a diverse range of established and emerging UK and international writers and artists. He often produces work with a strong social agenda.

Lloyd Gorman is an actor, musician and composer who will be familiar to our My First audiences.

Gabriel Mokake is an actor who has appeared in everything from Netflix’s Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey to several roles in Hamilton.

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