I recall watching My Chemical Romance and wanted to be standing right where they were says Unsigned 2022’s The Marijanovic


Meet Kyle Adams, AKA The Marijanovic, our fourth Unsigned 2022 artist. Originally from Portsmouth but now living in Norwich, the 17-year-old is studying at Access Creative College while working as a women and men’s artistic gymnastics coach.

Q: Tell me about your music

A: I find it hard putting a label on my music or what genre it fits in. Some would say 80s goth pop and others more pop punk.

It’s definitely rock music but it’s hard to put it into a select genre which is what makes it so interesting. 

My inspirations come from all different places. My two biggest inspirations are Placebo and Waterparks.

Q: Tell me about your songwriting process

A: At the minute I try to write a song each week to prevent writer’s block. This doesn’t mean they are good. It could be a 30 second jazz intro, but as long as I’ve done something I’m content.

When writing for a single release or an EP/album it takes a bit longer. I enjoy writing lots of small different songs then piecing them together to create one incredible song.

Q: Where does your love of music come from

A: I’ve always loved music. My mum is a huge music fan so I’ve always grown up with the Stone Roses blasting on the speakers. I started to get into musical theatre, which helped my music taste expand.

Q: When did you first start performing

A: I first started performing during musicals and shows when I was very small. 

I started properly performing as a solo artist in June of 2021, making Latitude Festival my second ever solo live performance.

Q: Was there a specific moment when you knew you wanted a career in music

A: I’ve always wanted it. I physically can’t imagine myself doing anything else. 

I recall watching reruns of My Chemical Romance‘s performance at Leeds Festival in 2011 and wanting to be standing right where they were.

Q: How does performing make you feel

A: It’s pure adrenaline and happiness. Knowing I’m doing what I love in front of people who want to support me is the best feeling ever.

Q: Where might people have seen you

A: I’ve gigged a lot since starting my career last Jun including Wildcraft brewery, Latitude, Head Out Not Home, The Welly, Ipswich Sound City, Wildpaths, Voodoo Daddy’s, The Gig at the John Peel Centre and The Louisiana Bristol. 

I’ve released the singles Weekday Friends, Loving Land and Christmas Kiss. December 2021

Q: Why did you take part in Unsigned

A: I used to do drama classes at The Garage many years ago. I heard about Unsigned from one of my tutors at Access, Millie Manders, who informed me auditions were happening.

I want pushing with my music career and a bigger understanding of the business side of things. Also for expert feedback on my music.


Q: What are you looking forward to most

A: The live showcase definitely. Performing live is my passion.

Q: What’s next after Unsigned

A: By summer I’m hoping to release my debut EP along with many shows and release parties!

You can listen to The Marijanovic on SpotifyGoogle and Instagram.

Gabby Meadows is our Participation Programme Manager who looks after our musical programmes.

She said: “Our four performers have been working on their material, performance style and branding since they joined Unsigned in the autumn. 

“They’re now gearing up to head into the recording studio to record their first single before Easter.

“They have already given us a taste of what’s to come in a café gig at the end of last term and it was so exciting to hear them live at that point. 

“All of this hard work is building towards a final showcase gig at The Waterfront in July.

“We have four really distinctive artists on board this year – each producing really fresh and exciting music.

“They are being mentored on all elements of the music industry by Millie Manders, fresh from her UK tour with her band Millie Manders and the Shut Up

“Jasper Milton is an experienced songwriter and producer and a member of the band White Rose Movement.”

She’s grateful to Youth Music for supporting our music provision. Projects like Unsigned wouldn’t be possible without their funding and endorsement.

Gabby added: “Taking these artists on a journey from building up their skills and confidence, through to giving them the platform to really shine as musicians and performers is something we are extremely proud of. 

“We can’t wait to see what the next few months has in store for Unsigned.”

Millie is also looking forward to watching our new cohort grow and develop at The Garage, with all the resources once again available.

She said: “While working remotely with our unsigned artists throughout Covid was largely successful, it was very challenging.

“Being back in the room is exciting, enabling us to better get to know our artists and their music and delivering high quality sessions on performance, songwriting and music business.”

New mentor Jasper added: “I’m very excited to be working with these multi-talented songwriters on the Unsigned programme. All have varying strengths and areas to further develop throughout the year.

“Stagecraft, arrangement, sound production and hook lines are just some of the topics we will be covering while developing their live and recorded performance techniques.

“We’ll also be helping them to develop their branding and logos which they will be utilizing as they develop their online presence.”

We are now accepting applications for September. 

If you wish to considered for selection, please send links to your music, any performance footage, a bit about yourself and why you’d like to take part to info@thegarage.org.uk

Our summer term of classes starts on 25 April.

Click here to check them out. Our friendly front of house team is happy to answer any questions. Give them a call on 01603 283382 or email info@thegarage.org.uk. 

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It works particularly with those who don’t get to make music because of who they are, where they live or what they’re going through.

Projects funded by it break down barriers at all stages. It helps children develop an early love of music, provides diverse role models, introduces young people to a wide variety of potential career paths and works with the music industry to make its practices more inclusive.

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