Happy Mother’s Day from The Garage

Happy Mother's Day. Gabby Meadows and her mum Lorna Meadows; Beth Norman and her mum Gill Whinney.

Happy Mother’s Day: Gabby Meadows and her mum Lorna Meadows; Beth Norman and her mum Gill Whinney.

We like to think of our participants as family. In some cases, that’s literally true. This Mother’s Day we spoke to Lorna Meadows, Gill Whinney and Mandy Stanley, whose daughters also teach here. 

“I feel, for the first time, like everybody else,” says 71-year-old Seated Pilates loving Lorna. She joined the class following a stroke on the suggestion of daughter Gabby, one of our Participation Programme Managers and tutors.

“You want that feeling of normality. It’s been two terms now. I can’t do as much as all the others but it’s great. By the end of the hour, I feel I’ve stretched everything,” Lorna says with a smile.

“It’s given me confidence, which I need to build up alongside my strength physically by doing the things recommended [in class]. Being out of the house too. It makes me feel good.

“There isn’t anything to be nervous about, because if you can’t do anything, you don’t have to. My tutor, Natasha, is amazing, she makes it.”

Gill, 68, is one of our Dance for Wellbeing participants. The attraction for her is the friendships she’s making. She also joined on the advice of her daughter Beth, our Learning Manager, who’s also a tutor.

“She booked me on it to get me out, to do things. I wanted a change, something new. I’ve always wanted to dance. It’s been a dream. Which is why my girls always did it.”

The love for the arts clearly runs in the family. With Gill’s five-year-old granddaughter Posy coming to our Reception to Year 2 Theatre class with Gabby.

You feel a bit more self-conscious at my age. The body doesn’t move like it did,” she laughs.

“My tutor Sophia is great. You feel good mentally when you’ve done it. It gives you something to get up for on a Monday morning.”

Mother's Day

        Celebrating: Lizzie Barnard and her mother Mandy Stanley

Mandy takes Adult Ballet for many of the same reasons as Lorna and Gill.

“It’s creative, sociable and a lot of fun as well as being the best kind of exercise to suit my personality,” says the 63-year-old, whose daughter Lizzie is one of our tutors.

“It’s therapeutic as the dance studio becomes a safe space to be free of everyday problems and challenges, as well as providing a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in continuing the learning process.

“As a more mature person, I want to look after my body and this class helps me to do that.”

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