Work Experience – Day One
My name is Maddy and I started work experience at The Garage on 3rd July 2017. As soon as I got to The Garage, I filled in health and safety procedure forms and was introduced to The Garage’s team. I come to the venue every Thursday evening as I’m a member of The Garage Youth Forum where we put on a quarterly event called SLAM, so I knew a lot of the staff pretty well already.

After filling in the forms and taking a quick lunch break, it was time to go down to Toddler Dance. Hannah was covering the class so I decided to join her. After a long, hot walk down to St Thomas Hall, we set up the speakers and welcomed in the toddlers and their parents. The theme for the session was the seaside, so Hannah had brought beach themed music such as ‘Under The Sea’ from The Little Mermaid, sticks with ribbons for seaweed and pictures of fish for the children to colour in with crayons.  All of the toddlers and parents loved the class and some of the children were even reluctant to leave at the end!

During our walk back to The Garage, Hannah and I discussed the upcoming week and events such as the Independence day at The Forum.  When we got back to The Garage, we were notified that a baby bat had been found in one of the dressing rooms! It had been captured and carefully put in a box.  A lady who looks after bats had been called and arrived soon after to take the bat, make sure it was happy and healthy and ready to be released back into the wild.
Work Experience Day 2 – Independence Day at The Forum.

I started my second day of work experience by meeting Hannah at The Garage, picking up our leaflets and a banner and walking to The Forum.  An Independence Day was being held at The Forum by Assist Trust to give people with disabilities ways and opportunities to gain independence.

We started off by putting up our banner and arranging our leaflets onto our table. We had brochures and leaflets for classes including D4Dance and the Wheelchair Dance Class. After arranging our table, we took a short break and stepped outside to watch some of the members of D4Dance perform. They danced to Christine and The Queen’s ‘Tilted’. They managed to gain a big crowd and were rewarded by a massive round of applause at the end of their dance. 

Once D4Dance had performed, Hannah and I returned to our table, where we spent the rest of the day speaking to people interested in what The Garage has to offer and wanting to find out how they can get involved.

Overall, the day was very interesting and it was great to find out what The Garage and other associations around Norfolk do to offer equal opportunities and support to everybody wanting to get involved in what they do.

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