Welcome to Paradise Circus 2024

Paradise Circus co-writer and performer Rachel Harvey sat on a prop toilet on stage. She's wearing black trousers, grey top, with a shocked expression

Rachel starts to believe miracles are possible after a near-religious experience in an Aldi car park. Life’s no longer beige for a while as she starts to become the woman she’s always wanted to be. But soon she’s plunged into a world that threatens to drown who she truly is.  Paradise Circus, written by Angela Neenan […]

Nightmares await as spine-tingling storyteller returns

Nightmares Three Ghost Stories performer Adam in a suit, his image is mirrored but his reflected face is that of a monster

Are you sitting comfortably? You won’t be for long. Spine-tingling storyteller supreme Adam Z Robinson returns on 29 October for Nightmares – Three Ghost Stories. We lured him out the shadows for a bit to cast a little light on what audiences can expect. For those not familiar with your company The Book of Darkness […]

Take your imagination for a spin with 2024 kids’ show Mrs Armitage on Wheels

Quentin Blake's illustration of Mrs Armitage riding her bicycle while her dog Breakspear runs alongside her

Fantasy is like an exercise bike for the mind, so why not take a ride with Scoot Theatre, who bring Sir Quentin Blake’s Mrs Armitage on Wheels to The Garage on 1 August. Aimed at ages three-plus, the 40-minute show sees our heroine and her faithful dog Breakspear take her bike out for a spin. Problem is, […]

Meet Unsigned 2024 star MICAH

Unsigned 2024 participant Micah sits on the edge of a stage, she's playing a guitar

It’s said one of the things people regret is that they didn’t live boldly enough. Unsigned participant MICAH can relate after a near-miss with a car changed the direction of her life.  “I’ve always had a love of both music and fashion, but due to a lack of confidence on stage I decided to study […]

Meet Unsigned 2024 star Amber Sky

Unsigned participant Amber Sky's face, turned away from the camera, singing into a mic

Courage, power, community, and communication – the four pillars that are giving Unsigned 2024 participant Amber Sky confidence in her work and that she’s who she wants to be as an artist.  “When I first began attending the sessions I was hoping that tutors Emma [O’Reilly] and Millie [Manders] would be able to help me figure […]

Get your game on with Blue Badge Bunch: Reramped

A woman cheers with her arms in the air while several children sat at a table look on during a Blue Badge Bunch show

Blue Badge Bunch: Reramped is a new interactive game show created by and hosted by comedian Benny Shakes where disadvantage is an advantage.  Born with cerebral palsy, he believes humour is a powerful way to educate and reshape society’s perceptions and emphasise everyone’s right to respect. We spoke to him about the show, here on […]

Meet Unsigned 2024 star Ewan Martin

Ewan Martin sits on a rock surrounded by trees, with the hood of his top pulled up

Engaged Ewan has already cracked the secret to wedded bliss – listen to the woman in your life. “My fiancée Ruby and I met at The Brickmakers. It was a young musician type thing, and we were both performing. She took part in Unsigned last year and I was at the final showcase at The […]

Meet Unsigned 2024 future star Nyree Williams

Nyree Williams, blonde / brown hair, silver top, sunglasses on head, staring into camera

After a traumatic Christmas temping as an elf, Nyree Williams decided to put acting on a shelf and continue ramping up her songwriting.  “It was very intense. We were all horribly ill, Covid was still [huge]. I’d started having fun making these mad theatrical songs at university with the few chords I knew. I’d also […]

Children say so much without speaking says writer of new 2024 show Hermit

Children's show Hermit is about the tall man pictured inside the small box her calls home

Talking is just one of the hundred ways young children communicate. Their non-verbal reactions are often worth a thousand words. Hermit, the latest show by the Dutch Simone de Jong Company, explores that. Aimed at ages two-six, it’s a silly, funny, and intriguing show about a quiet, tall man who lives alone in a teeny […]

Inclusive music band EngPol M4 have an exciting 2024 ahead

Our Inclusive Music EngPol M4 band members outside The Cat House

We believe in the physical, mental, emotional, and developmental benefits of engaging with the creative arts. So do many health agencies – from the Cultural Learning Alliance to the Arts Council, both cited below. Community-based approaches and social prescribing are part of NHS England’s long-term plan too. We also believe those who would benefit most, […]

Life after The Garage for Bluey’s Big Play actor Sophie

The Garage

We’re looking forward to welcoming Sophie Blythe, one of our first HNC Programme in Performing Arts students, back to Norwich this year.  She’s playing Chilli Heeler in the UK premiere of Bluey’s Big Play, coming to Norwich Theatre Royal 22-25 July. For those of you who don’t have young children, Bluey is an Emmy award-winning […]