Walk a Mile - Session Two

15 May 2017
Session two for Walk a Mile had birthdays, old t-shirts and cardboard shapes . So yesterday felt lik...
Princess Charming

Princess Charming Review

11 October 2018
Brief Plot Synopsis: What it means to be a boy or girl. Talking about Gender Stereotypes in a cabern...
flight of the escales


26 January 2017
Our first days in Norwich. Flight of the Escales has descended on Norwich for the creation of our ne...
Beth Vyse

Beth Vyse Interview

26 September 2016
Syndicated Interview with Beth Vyse By Brian Donaldson For someone who is known within the comedy co...

Half-term clearance

09 February 2017
It's half-term, and with this we open the opportunity to join our classes midway through term! Price...