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    The Garage is a charity with a mission to enable children and young people from disadvantaged circumstances to have equal access to enjoy and develop through watching and taking part in the performing arts.

    We reach hundreds of vulnerable and disadvantaged children, providing a welcoming space for them to be themselves. For young people in difficult and chaotic circumstances, we provide continuity, individual support and a positive diversion from the challenges that they face.

    Through our ‘Big Breaks’ bursary scheme, we support vulnerable young people to gain skills and confidence, to make new friends and gain an increased sense of belonging. Between 2013 and 2016 we supported over 990 children and young people on the programme, delivering 1082 hours of one-to-one support, with 90% of young people experiencing a positive change.

    Every young person on our Big Breaks scheme has been referred to us through our network of partners including schools, statutory agencies and charities working with children and families in challenging circumstances. This ensures that Big Breaks places go to the young people that need it most.


    Our support team offer individual encouragement and mentoring to enable Big Breaks recipient’s to access, have fun and progress through taking part in the performing arts. We make a difference by:

    • Enabling young people to develop valuable skills including performance, confidence and team working.
    • Developing the aspiration of participants to engage in positive activities
    • Supporting disadvantaged young people to access our popular school holiday programmes
    • Helping with associated costs such as transport, dancewear and equipment
    • Providing opportunities to achieve nationally recognised Arts Awards qualifications
    • Enabling young people to achieve outside school and celebrate their achievements
    • Big Nights Out trips for children and their families enable them to have positive experiences together
    • Running a Creative Foundations course which gives participants the confidence to develop their skills at The Garage, leading to free annual membership to our dance, theatre or music classes

    We have many more disadvantaged young people referred to us than we have resources. By donating you can help us to make a difference to even more children and young people in challenging circumstances. Your donation will go a long way, for example:

    • £15 pays for a mentoring session for a young person
    • £5 pays for a big night out ticket
    • £66 pays for a term of class membership for a young person

    To make a donation visit our page on Virgin Giving:

    Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving


    If you are an organisation that is looking for a charity to support, please get in touch with Emma Stanley, Development and Marketing Lead on Your contribution could help to change young people’s lives, for example:

    • £185 pays for a young person to take part in our school holiday programmes
    • £300 pays for qualification costs for 10 young people
    • £500 pays for 5 weeks delivery of our ‘Creative foundations course




  • Funders

    The Garage Trust is an independent charity established in 2002. Since opening, a wide range of trusts, foundations, grant giving bodies, statutory organisations, businesses and other supporters have helped us raise the funds to develop our programme, projects and activities. Although we provide opportunities for all ages, much of our work is focused on supporting young people, particularly those that are disadvantaged, vulnerable or with the fewest opportunities.

    The staff, Board of Trustees and all the young people who use The Garage would like to say a big thank you to all our current and past supporters, a selection of which are below:


    The Garage supporters


  • Case Studies


    To celebrate a decade of The Garage, we spoke to some of our participants about their journey with us and what made it so special. You can read their stories in the following case studies below. 



    “I love the feeling of being on stage, being able to connect with the audience, making a room go quiet and then the round of applause at the end”

    Dano, participant in SLAM nights, Musicians Development Programme, and festival performances with The Garage.

    Click here to read her full case study.

    “Everybody is here because they want to be. It’s not because we are forced, we choose to join because we want to progress and get better together. We all get what we need, it’s a great environment to be in” 

    Dominic Trevorparticipant in Passion, Musicians Development Programme, and The Garage productions.

    Click here to read his full case study.

    "...through the years I’ve gained more confidence, made more friends and I’m happy to talk to people now.” 

    Jake Harrison, participant in NT Connections projects, Youth Theatre Company, The Garage Summer productions. 

    Click here to read his full case study.

    “I imagine myself as an old lady still teaching D4Dance at the Garage – it’s so close to my heart I’d find it hard to give it up!”

    Katy Dunne, tutor for D4Dance performance company, D4Dance Seniors, Junior Movers, Adult Contemporary and Toddler Dance.

    Click here to read her full case study.

    “The Garage team are really supportive”

    Mya Hopkins, part of the Creative Foundations course, The Jungle Book Summer Production, and Senior Theatre. 

    Click here to read her full case study.

    “D4Dance is an amazing group and I really love it”

    Nick Doig, participant in D4Dance, Total Ensemble and Slanted Dance Creative Performance group.

    Click here to read his full case study.

    "I just love being in the Garage and I’ll be here forever”

    Rachel Graham, participant in Arts Award, Breakdance, Creative Foundations course, The Jungle Book Summer Production and Senior Theatre. 

    Click here to read her full case study.

    “The Garage gave me lots of support and encouragement, space to grow and develop and a huge list of things to do!”

    Rebecca Chapman, Theatre Tutor, Director of Garage Summer productions, and leads Total Ensemble Theatre Company. 

    Click here to read her full case study.

    “Music takes me into another world. I can just relax and feel like I’m actually me.”

    Rianne Collins, participant in SLAM nights and Musicians Development Programme. 

    Click here to read her full case study.

    “The Garage is the only venue in Norwich whose programming is focussed solely on young people and contemporary performance.I know it is a safe bet to arrange a trip to The Garage and the young people are always enthusiastic about the performances they see”

    Rose Coppard, Teacher in charge of Drama at Northgate High School. Bronze and Silver Arts Award advisor. 

    Click here to read her full case study.

    “Abby is a phenomenal dance tutor - she really understands what children are thinking”

    Zoey & Christina Taylor, Toddler Dance participants.

    Click here to read their full case study.


    All photographs copyright Benjamin Mathers Photography

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