From Zimbabwe With Love

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    Meet Robert Matalasie, a professional footballer. Join him as he tells his funny, touching, and explosive story within the world of the beautiful game. He details his path across continents, after being spotted by premiership scouts when playing football in his birth country of Zimbabwe. He tells of his journey from his Shona Tribe in Africa to Norwich, the place which becomes his home.

    He reflects on his life under President Mugabe’s Zanu PF Party and tells of his magnificent football debut and the almost immediate success, fame and the financial rewards which follow.

    However, there is one decision he has to make which may bring this opulent world in which he lives crashing down around him.

    The piece shows that cultures do not always have to clash, but that difference might just be the fundamental ingredient that can bring people together, diminish fear, and help us to embrace difference rather than reject it.

    Ages 10+

    Running Time: 115 + interval

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    Tickets: £10 / £9 concs 
    Bookings: 01603 598646 / online here 

Past event

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