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  • The Keeper's Daughter performing in the last Scratch
  • This Egg performing at the last Scratch Night
  • Chalk Circle Theatre Company performing at the last Scratch Night
  • Lydia Smart performing at the last Scratch Night
  • Overview

    Come see a roster of the region’s most talented artists perform new material from shows they are working on in a fantastically fast showcase of 15 minute slots, featuring an eclectic range of disciplines. There will be time for feedback and discussion at the end of the evening. 

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    We want to help give a platform to great new art, and to support the development of local performance companies. Each of the companies you see tonight have received 5 free days space in The Garage, and will take away 100% of the Box Office takings, as an investment in their future work.

    Supported by Arts Council England.

    Age: 16+
    Running time: 60 minutes no interval


  • Line up

    Base Dance presents Hustle (working title)

    Hustle is a contemporary dance theatre duet exploring the idea of being hustled. The work will focus on a competitive relationship between two performers each wanting to ‘get one over the other’ through whatever means necessary - including sleight of hand, deception and physical manipulation.

    The potential structure will be depicted in a series of linked scenes. The flow of action will include energetic and advanced contact work created from improvisation and developmental tasks during the rehearsal process. The aim of the work is to develop a state of great activity with the two performers linked in light hearted and a series of playful circumstances where they will attempt to swindle and obtain control of each other and the situation.

    Movement content will explore sleight of hand to obtain items from the other character, movement will be extracted from fraudulent activity with close contact and precise actions to keep the audience guessing where and how the flow of energy develops.

    The work will introduce the characters and offer an abstract setting to observe not just the scenography but also see de-constructed elements such as on stage changes to the characters through costume.

    The work will be devised and created by the performers.

    Mary Benefiel presents BRA-VO

    One, Little, Black BRA. One unsuspecting shopper suddenly thrust into a consumer’s maze of unwanted but oh-so-want-able choices! How can anything so pink and lacy represent an environmental disaster on a cataclysmic scale?

    “BRA-VO!” tackles the issue of the personal and environmental costs of Fast Fashion. It’s a tale of runaway greed and consumption that promises everything but can never satisfy and only costs the earth. Nestled in the most personal, intimate article of underwear, it also touches on women’s issues. “Her-stories” are the saving grace - a life-line back to sanity, the antidote to the incessant Mantra of “More!”

    To tackle issues of this magnitude, “BRA-VO!” is devised as a Tragic-Comic Opera. Yet it is scaled to touch ordinary people. The story will unfold with accessible music and singing, poetry and movement, as well as audience participation. Everyone is invited to “B.Y.O.B.” (Bring Your Own Bra)!

    There will be bras galore, and bra herstories, shocking statistics, seamstresses, a Greek Chorus, the Devil in the Lingerie Department, a fierce aria rant and at least one of the seven deadly sins. This piece definitely asks “Who needs all this stuff?!” in the hope we can stop skidding down the slippery slope of over-consumption.

    Orange Skies presents The Perfect Spot

    Chuck and Eva wait for their parents to take them home from summer camp. With a tent packed away between them, rucksacks full of dirty clothes, and sleeping bags underarm, they start to imagine that maybe Dad isn’t coming to take them home, maybe he shouldn’t come… maybe they should build their own home. Because you see, when Dad picks them up, they’re on their way to move into a new house further away then either of them knew existed.

    Deciding that their summer camp has taught them all they need to know about survival in the wilderness, they set out to find ‘the perfect spot’.

    This scratch performance will be the first 15 minutes of this play, establishing the characters, setting and their dilemma. When Chuck suspects their Dad is late to pick them up from summer camp he attempts to tell the time by the sun. Dad isn’t coming. Before they do anything Eva gets them to inventory what’s in their backpacks, to stall Chuck but gets caught up in the game of it all. Chuck convinces Eva that they should leave and find ‘the perfect spot’ to make their new home. We leave them just as they venture into the forest.

    The Keeper's Daughter presents Exorcism (working title) 

    Exorcism is the story of a devout priest who must battle through grief following the loss of his wife. Daily, before work, he re-lives, in his mind, their burgeoning love full of adoration, hope and salvation. But his working day doesn’t take him to church, or out to visit his parishioners; he hasn’t left the house in weeks. Day by day he must struggle to find the courage to exorcise the demon that has possessed his wife’s body.

    Exorcism examines the effects of ill mental health on a long-term romantic relationship. We wish to create a dual narrative looking at both characters and their way of living with illness brought on by loss and environment. Through a mixture of live sound tech, music and physical theatre we’ll create a
    picture of a relationship pre and post ‘possession’ and how the couple attempt to help each other through desperate times.

    This story could be told as two characters who are diagnosed with mental health issues but we’re fans of genre storytelling and sci-fi/fantasy/horror allows you to examine the truth of every day living through a lens once removed, thus connecting with audience in an imaginative and surprising manner.

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    Tickets: £5

    Bookings: 01603 598646 / Online


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