Grade 2 Ballet Exam Class (Age 7+)

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Ballet Shoes
  • Overview

    Suitable for ages 7+, similar to the previous grade the teacher and examiner is expecting to see a good use of ballet technique with full knowledge of the syllabus.

    Term starts 28 September. 

    There will be additional cost for taking an exam. There may be extra classes offered when working towards an exam which will also carry an additional charge. You will be required to wear a set uniform of a leotard, ballet shoes, tights/socks which will be discussed when you first join and again incurring a fee.

  • Booking

    Cost: £94 per 12 week term
    Booking: 01603 283382 

  • Entering participants for the exam

    For these classes weekly attendance is important, so participants don't miss important parts of the syllabus which they will be examined on. If a participant has missed numerous classes in the term it will make it difficult for us to enter participants for their exam. 

    The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) is a rigorous syllabus which has numerous requirements. The Garage Tutors understand the requirements for each grade, and will ensure that participants meet these before being put forward for an exam. We want our participants to feel confident and happy going into the exam so it is a positive experience. We do not want to enter children who might fail their exam as this could be affect their confidence.

    If your child is not ready to take their exam, we will ensure that they feel  no different to those taking an exam. 

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