Music for Home Educated in King’s Lynn

Posted by The Garage Monday 30 April 2018, 11:57
A sketch of David Bowie

Every Friday 2.45-3.45 – Providence Street Community Centre

Ages 8 – 16  £5 per child

John Kramarchuk runs a Friday class for home educated young people in King’s Lynn.  Each week there is a chance to learn a new skill or develop your musical talent.  John is a great teacher with a wide repertoire to call on.  He is also passionate about what he does and wants to make King’s Lynn a center for music.

John says,

'Fridays don't get much better than recording a version of Heroes with a bunch of ten year olds. Believe it or not, this really is the kids from HE Music Club. Today they learned to play Heroes on Piano, Keyboard Strings, Synth and Electric Guitar; real instruments. We then did a Multi-Track recording using a Drum Machine to keep the beat. I overdubbed a bassline onto it when we got home, the rest is all them. Anyone know a Home Ed' singer?'


The sessions are run by The Garage and are drop in sessions.  If you are interested in paying in advance please contact The Garage on 01603 283382.

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