A Day in the Life of Daisy the Cow

Posted by Independent Artist Monday 26 November 2018, 17:52
Daisy the Cow


Early start for brie-hearsals, think I got out of bed on the wrong side this morning! Worried I might be a bit of a mooooody cow today...

Daisy in Bed



Found out our boiler was broken so I had to have a cold shower; now I'm a Fresian cold cow!

Daisy in a towel



Missed the bus and the budget doesn't stretch to a private Limousin yet, so had to hoof it to work. Made it in plenty of time, so I stopped for a breath of fresh Ayr(shire) in the park.

Daisy in the park



I've been waiting for heifer and heifer to see the promotional pictures and they're finally up! And mine is in such a p-ruminant position, I'm a happy cow now!

Daisy looking at Daisy the cow on the front of The Garage



I was slightly confused when I got to work, as last I herd I was down to play the Dairy Godmother, but there seemed to have been a reshoofle.

Daisy arrived at The Garage

I met the new Godmother, and realised by a strange cow-incidence I'd met herbivore, and we got on like a barn on fire! I put the cattle on, and we had a very enjoya-bull catch up over a cuppa.



We started with a moo-sic call, I found the horn parts particularly difficult! But I don't do things by calves, so I also agreed to learn to play the ukulele with my hooves. This is very difficult as I lactose!

Daisy playing the ukulele

They asked if I cud sing the high part, but I said I was better at lowing.



I headed to the calfeteria for my lunch, and had another legendairy curry from the market. 'Manure good at cooking', I told the chef.

Daisy eating lunch



I was worried I was milking it in our afternoon run, but the director said I was udderly brilliant! Pats on the back all round.

Daisy and director Daniel



I'm completely cream crackered after my long day, so it's time to hit the hay! Looking forward to another day tomorrow in the land of fairytails.

Daisy in Bed


Daisy the Cow
with some help with typing by Mrs Trott.

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