You Down There And Me Up Here & LOVE (Watching Madness)

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    Join We Talk of Horses and SpeakUp Theatre for this double bill of fresh talent. 

    We Talk Of Horses present You Down There And Me Up Here 

    “Being in love is…just about the worst thing that can happen to a person”

    You Down There and Me Up Here is a fragmented journey into the minds of two maladjusted young men struggling to hang onto themselves in the face of crisis- one a drug addict who believes himself to be the rock star Nick Cave, the other a neurotic romantic facing up to what it means to be in love. As both men fight to figure out how they reached these points of personal crisis, voices blur and distort, characters slip in and out of each other and the line between story and reality becomes indistinguishable, possibly unimportant. An intense, dreamlike piece utilizing post-dramatic theatre techniques, abstract storytelling and innovative new music.

    SpeakUp Theatre present LOVE (Watching Madness)

    "My mum threw a trifle at my best friend and that's when I first thought something was probably wrong"

    A mother. A daughter. An hour. A bond.

    Questions. Answers. Trifle. Tides.

    Refresh. Restore. Release.

    Critically acclaimed SpeakUp Theatre debut their one-woman exploration into mothers, daughters and bipolar disorder.

    Isabelle Kabban delivers a stunning performance.” ★★★★ Fringe Guru (Cognitions)
    Struck a deep, resonant chord…Would whole heartedly recommend★★★★ Broadway Baby (Cognitions)
    “Disturbingly authentic” ThreeWeeks (Cognitions)

    Age: 16+

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    Tickets: £5 
    Bookings: 01603 598646 / online here


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