‘In-yer-face’: When art sets out to shock Lecture

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    Bring your year 12 students along to experience an HE style lecture in The Garage Theatre.  Attendance is free but capacity is limited so booking is essential.


    ‘In-yer-face’: When art sets out to shock

    In 1995, at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs, Sarah Kane’s first play Blasted opened. It’s scenes of brutality, depravity and cannibalism caused one of the biggest theatrical scandals London had ever seen. Daily Mail critic Jack Tinker was clearly not impressed with this “disgusting feast of filth”, but was it really so different to the art and performance that came before?

    This lecture explores the desire to make art that shocks; charting our changing attitudes to what is acceptable, what is intolerable, and what can even count as entertainment.


    The lecture will last 1 hour, followed by 15 minutes of discussion

  • Booking

    For more information, or to book your free places, contact Toni Bentley (Learning & Inclusion Director) on toni.bentley@thegarage.org.uk or 01603 283385

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