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    “Rope wrapped like a vice around the tops of my legs – you know the tender bits – snaked around, tight and painful, a squeeze and a burn. But you’re not thinking about that because the hard floor is below. You’ve done it so many times but every time you do it you know that you can’t miss it, not this time, not ever.”

    What the Circus? Is a theatre show which dissects the form and performance of circus: an exploration of the genre and those that live and work in it: questioning what it is, why we perform it and why we enjoy watching it. A glimpse behind the Lycra, muscles and red noses to reveal what’s hidden underneath. A multidisciplinary collaboration creating a multi-sensory and provocative piece that questions circus and its place in the performance art scene.

    Three performers will deconstruct the realities of everyday circus life; their stories and experiences, bodies and injuries and then re-construct to build new landscapes of the epic, theatrical, animal and fundamental. At times stark and unforgiving; an exposé of the illusion and a post-dramatic stripping back which then transforms beyond recognition; denying and redefining its circus label.

    What the Circus? is an investigation of circus and its’ potential. Using its heightened form to explore big questions about ourselves, our relationships with each other and the world: how we observe and judge, what we expect and how our experiences mould us as performer, audience and human. It is an attempt to redefine how we watch, understand and appreciate the form and a celebration the people that work and in it.

    What the Circus? A celebration of human possibility. 

    Age: 12+
    Running time: 75 minutes

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  • Bookings

    Tickets: £10 / £5 concs. 
    Bookings: 01603 598646 / Online

  • Workshop

    WHAT THE CIRCUS? WORKSHOP Saturday 11 February at The Garage, Norwich, 2 – 5pm

    What the Circus? is an exploration of circus and those that live and work in it: A glimpse behind the Lycra, red noses and muscles to reveal what’s hidden underneath.

    A workshop introduction to Flights creative process. Using What the Circus? as a starting point, this workshop looks at creating original theatre using personal stories, deconstruction and collaboration with other arts forms. Using circus, physical and visual explorations alongside individual and collective experiences, this workshop offers participants a unique way of devising and creating work.
    Led by director Sarah Calver with designer Cate Blanchard and members of the company.


    Workshop is free with a ticket to the 11th February performance £10 (£5 conc). Book Online for the performance and email the RSVP details above to hold your place. 

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