Ballet (Age 50+)

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50+ Ballet at The Garage
  • Overview

    A gentle paced class designed to introduce you to the basics of ballet.

    What techniques are taught in this class? Ballet technique (non syllabus).

    What skills are developed/improved? You will learn about posture, how to turn out the legs, basic exercises at the barre and in the centre which will improve co-ordination, balance, core strength, movement memory, ballet vocabulary, basic fitness and flexibility. You will learn how to do steps individually and progress on to grouping steps together. You will learn how to do static and travelling steps/movements, a pirouette, small jumps.

    How is a class structured/what do we do in a class? Class starts at the barre then continues into the centre. Classes start gently and gradually increase in pace; the movements you do at the end of the class will be more energetic than at the beginning. Each class starts with a warm-up and ends with a warm down.

    Is it for me? If you want to learn ballet in a safe and friendly environment with other like-minded people this is the perfect introductory class.

    What level is this class - beginner, improver, intermediate or advanced? Open level

    What should I wear to the class? Close fitting leggings or tights, T-shirts or leotard, layers of clothes advisable. Ballet shoes (soft flat canvas or leather). Please tie up long hair. No jewellery that will catch.

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  • Bookings

    BOOK IT - £117 for the full 12-week term

    TRY IT - £10 for a taster session

    Call 01603 283382 to book. Payment will be taken at time of booking.

  • Dates

    Spring Term 2019

    7 January

    Week 1

    14 January

    Week 2

    21 January

    Week 3

    28 January

    Week 4

    4 February

    Week 5

    11 February

    Week 6

    18 February

    Half term no class

    25 March

    Week 7

    4 March

    Week 8

    11 March

    Week 9

    18 March

    Week 10

    25 March

    Week 11

    1 April

    Week 12

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