What the Circus? Theories of gravity and velocity

Posted by Independent Artist Tuesday 31 January 2017, 14:24
What the Circus in rehearsals

We've come to the end of our first week in Norwich and second week of rehearsals for What the Circus? We've been working on the equipment to develop the more 'physical' moments in the show. We went to SPACE and tried theories of gravity and velocity in relation to an aerialist in the air and how she, or rather the ground, hurtles towards her - it is mind boggling stuff. As is the detailed break-down of the moving body and how our brain is constantly sends and receives messages that in turn tells our body what to do - even when it is suspended 7 metres in the air on a Chinese Pole or Aerial Rope - my mind it on melt-down but it's all in the show, explained - we promise - in an accessible and enlightening way.


Next week we return to LIT and then to The Garage to continue rehearsals. We are very excited to get down to finalising things and working it out and making it all make sense... Wish us luck!