Posted by Independent Artist Thursday 26 January 2017, 14:34
flight of the escales

Our first days in Norwich.

Flight of the Escales has descended on Norwich for the creation of our new show What the Circus? We are chuffed to be rehearsing at the beautiful Oak Street Church run by circus company Lost in Translation and after weeks of low ceilings and weak beams, we are back to flying high up on the Rope and Chinese Pole. 

Today we have been exploring Animal Kingdoms a la Circus, Space a la George and creating The Show that you may or may not see - it's also complicated for us.

In our interrogation of Circus - revealing the stuff you don't normally see - we are flipping perspectives, altering what you would usually see in a circus and presenting it in a new light. The quest continues and we are excited to be rehearsing material and discovering new routes of exploration.

flight of the escales