Sign Cafe - H is for...

Posted by The Garage Friday 14 September 2018, 16:46
Sign Cafe

We had a wonderful sign cafe today, we learnt the hand shape “H” (the index and middle fingers on both hands are extended from the fist and held together) and found signs using this hand shape for “Paris” “name” “sing” and “road” “river” and “railway track.” (Can you think of more for next time?)

We also met with a new visitor to our cafe who learnt some finger spelling and we all introduced ourselves finger spelling our names and how to teach the family some basic Deaf Awareness skills.

The BSL cafe was fun today and we enjoyed talking about bee keeping and being stung by a wasp and running 200 metres at the Special Olympics. Such a varied level of signers and conversations. Looking forward to our next session on Friday 12 October and our wine and sign evening on Friday 5 October .... see you all there!

Patricia Spencer-Thompson